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Languages-Now only english??
I like many others, I bought the game that was expected, as shown in steam, in several languages, including Italian, my native language. Seeing that he was only in English (which unfortunately I do not know very well, and for this, sorry if I write with google translator) and checking the forums, I read the reassurances of one of the developers, who promised to make available soon the languages package (being almost ready and in need of only minor changes) (post #142). After several updates and several days of waiting in vain, I see the game on the store page, is now presented as "English only." I state that I love this game, which I have not played much still waiting to be able to do my own language to better appreciate the story. Was, however, confirmed the lack of additional languages, I think it would be really an intolerable failure on the part of the developers and the same Steam. The technical term is "misleading advertising", in practice only a lack of seriousness (not my case, but many users have declined to ask for a refund for that promise). I hope that some of the developers will at least to clear my doubts ..
Hotline Miami > Общие обсуждения > Подробности темы
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