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br33dlove  [開発者] 2012年10月25日 20時14分
Game Update - October 25
The following updates have been made to Hotline Miami:

Visual C++ package has been remade - to make it work correctly make sure you uninstall, reinstall (through Steam), let Steam install new driver AND restart the computer

Achivements are now working when you select "YES" to enable Steamworks.

Remapping keys are now available with movement and restart. You access this in the CONTROL section (TITLE MENU)

Game can now run in lower resulutions. That should now take care of the problem some people had getting stuck while entering stairs or elevators.

Masks perks have been fixed and tweaked.

Game saving grade on the wrong stage have been fixed. However, we are not able to move the grade you already unlocked, so to make sure you have A+ on a stage, replay it and kick its ♥♥♥ one more time to make sure the A+ displayed is the correct A+.

Most reported bugs have been taken care of and should not cause more trouble. If they still persist or you encounter any new ones please report them here on the forum or at

Hope this patch works as it should and that you can now enjoy playing the game as it was meant to be played!

Controller WILL work in the next update. Sorry for the delay, we had to make sure everything works as it should and will test it a bit further.

Still working on Steam overlay which is disabled right now. Conflict between the game resolution and the overlay.

A few users are experiencing issues getting the game to load - many have had success by stopping the printer pooling service and/or updating .NET Framework.

Still looking into this issue further.

Thanks for your support!
最近の変更はbr33dloveが行いました; 2012年10月25日 20時25分
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How does one change resolution?
最近の変更はGOV3RNATERが行いました; 2012年10月25日 20時30分
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [開発者] 2012年10月25日 20時31分 
Overlay is disabled for now (still some problems) but achivements should all be working!
Resolution can't be changed, but the game will recognice your res and if it's lower it will switch automatically!
unlustig 2012年10月25日 20時33分 
Can confirm that the achievements are counting kills/deaths etc. now.
SCAAMMM 2012年10月25日 20時34分 
Still no joypad support!

I am disabled. I cannot play with a keyboard.

This is really poor. I've paid good money.

The videogame industry is the only industry that gets away with this crap.
Jayson 2012年10月25日 20時36分 
^Sounds like a scaammm!

But thanks for the work on getting the patch out quickly! The game has been pretty awesome so far, aside from the technical difficulties :D
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [開発者] 2012年10月25日 20時37分 
joypad will be supported really really soon... just had to test it a while longer to make sure it works for everone! sorry if you feel cheated.. we are working day and night to make sure the driver are installed properly! stay with us a while longer!
Not getting a prompt to reinstall the Visual C++. Is there a specific version I can delete to fix that?
SCAAMMM 2012年10月25日 20時45分 
I can assure you it is not a scam or a scaammm!

Just really find it bizzare how it got out the door in this state.

If you release on consoles will joypad support for them come in the fourth patch?
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [開発者] 2012年10月25日 20時47分 
real soviet damage: if the driver are correctly installed before they don't ask you again... that's one of the things we tried to fix... does the game work now for you? let me know if achivements can be unlocked also, if you have the time that is ;) thanks and hope the game is more stable now!

peace // dennis
are there plans for future game content?
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [開発者] 2012年10月25日 20時51分 
yes there is :) if people enjoy the game and want more we have a storyline driven DLC in the plans with new characters and diving further in the story!!!
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [開発者] 2012年10月25日 20時52分 
also have some things we are gonna do with HLM in a future update :) but that is a secret for now!
Awesome :) Spreading the word of the game; Its well deserved of it
Still getting the "
action number 1
of Create Event
for object objDevolver:

Error defining an external function.
message upon startup. Happens after the Steamworks splash; regardless of my choice. Then crashes.
最近の変更はJustAlilBoyが行いました; 2012年10月25日 21時02分
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [開発者] 2012年10月25日 21時03分 
try unistall teh game and reinslall it (through steam) AND restart the computer! let me know if it works
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