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Greedsin 2013年10月4日上午1:09
Spare Copy For Trade
Oddly I got a spare copy of this game if anyone would like to trade. I don't mind what it is as long as it's something i don't own I suppose.
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Zty 2013年10月4日上午10:10 
Well i Got 3 cards and ref metal, if you want to
breversa 2013年10月4日下午2:44 
I'm interested in the cards, if you're still giving/trading them. :-)
Rudey 2013年10月4日下午4:16 
If you still have the copy, I can offer you Nexuiz, Spacechem or Zero Gear. I also have a bunch of cards from all kinds of games.
v³ | [Gent] That Guy 2013年10月4日下午6:59 
I'll offer with Cogs, and some cards I suppose
Diezen 2013年10月9日下午9:55 
Interesting in Bastion or LIMBO?
正在显示第 1 - 5 条,共 5 条留言
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