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AHA-Lambda 3 мар, 2013 в 9:17
Eurogamer Expo level?
I ordered Hotline Miami through GetGames about a month ago, and it advertised an exclusive level based on the eurogamer expo showfloor.

How do I access this map? I can't find it in the level select screen or in the file directory, any help?
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Scorpilla 19 мар, 2013 в 4:07 
Yeah I'm pretty sure you got scammed
br33dlove  [Разработчик] 19 мар, 2013 в 10:22 
Contact Get Games, they can give you access to the level.
AHA-Lambda 19 мар, 2013 в 13:16 
It's ok, got it sorted.

The extra level was in my account as a separate download, and once placed in the game directory, it showed up in Hotline Miami :)
br33dlove  [Разработчик] 19 мар, 2013 в 14:18 
Awesome, enjoy.
PurpleMoustache 19 мар, 2013 в 14:56 
So I pre-ordered from GetGames to get the level, and now that the Mac version is out, I can use it.

However, using a similar method described in the email (place in directory) does nothing in the Mac version. How would you go about getting it to work on the Mac version
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