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Trebis 2013年2月28日下午7:14
Game ruining error
Is there a solution to this? Just started getting it two days ago and cannot load the game.

action number 1
of Create Event
for object objDevolver:

Error defining an external function.
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!CoffeeTable 2013年3月1日上午11:40 
Same thing happened to me today :(
xmas dilf 2013年3月1日下午10:04 
Same thing is happening to me now too. :(
Aerdoria_ | Merry Mememas 2013年3月2日上午2:57 
Unfortunately, this happens to me, too.
3in@r 2013年3月2日下午9:34 
Happened to me as well but I was able to start the game with no sounds (64bit windows 7 Home)
Aerdoria_ | Merry Mememas 2013年3月3日上午2:37 
Validate the game files thingie via the library. Right click on Hotline Miami and ♥♥♥♥ around there.
Wotan der Wütende 2013年3月5日下午12:21 
Didn´t work after that either... :/
xmas dilf 2013年3月5日下午2:12 
Worked for me! Thanks!
Marv 2013年3月6日下午11:52 
validate the game files dont work ....
A Big Fat Sloppy Disk 2013年3月8日上午8:02 
validate does not work
Defender 2013年3月17日上午7:12 
You've cursed these people with your post.
Raven_CDN 2013年3月17日上午11:57 
Happens to me as well, but i can play the game, hit ignore once, then hit abort. You get the game going but the music is gone, all the other sound effects work though.
SugarSugar_UK 2013年3月17日下午1:00 
This used to happen to me all the time. Then, after restarting my laptop & trying to launch the game several times, I was able to get the game working again. No errors or crashes. Music and sound effects were working fine. A very strange problem.....
SugarSugar_UK 2013年3月17日下午1:10 
Sorry, I forgot to mention. I also validated the games files as well before trying to launch the game each time.
正在显示第 1 - 13 条,共 13 条留言
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