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Condemor Feb 25, 2013 @ 2:22pm
Rank A+

What have I do for get A+ rank in each stage?
Doing it without dying?
Doing it very fast? Doing it only with melee weapons?

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Mountain Man Feb 26, 2013 @ 12:32pm 
Well it would take a long time to write out a guide for the whole game, but here are some tips to remember:

1. To get an A+ you must get about 210% of a level's high score (so if the high score is 13000 you should aim for 27300 or so).
2. If combos are not possible (few enemies in the area or unfavorable flow), a good way to gather points is to execute as many enemies as possible with executions that take a long time or are rare, such as golf club, pipe, baseball bat, machete, dart, brick, bottle, or drill. Masks don't matter much for executions, but the Carl (grasshopper) mask comes automatically with a high point value weapon for executions. THIS WILL RAISE YOUR "KILLINGS" SCORE
3. If executions are not possible (many enemies in the area) then go for a combo. The best weapons for combos are quick melee weapons. Guns are also effective for racking up combos but you get fewer points for killing enemies with them. Look for knives, golf clubs, machetes, and crowbars. Getting a combo is highly dependent on the route you take through a level and this requires experimentation. If you want to try a gun combo, hole yourself up in a room within a screen of lots of enemies, and fire an assault rifle or pump shotgun. The enemies will come running and you can kill them all as they pour in. The best masks for combos are Zack, due to the longer combo window, and Graham or Brandon, due to the run speed. Once you get above a 10x combo, your point values for the combo go up drastically. THIS WILL RAISE YOUR "COMBO" SCORE
4. THE "FLEXIBILITY" SCORE as Richard (first character) is based off of the variance of your choice of weaponry. If you only use one weapon the whole level then it will be pretty low. On the other hand, flexibility is not usually a determining factor in an A+ as Richard, so don't worry about boosting it too much. As the biker, however, it plays an important part in getting an A+ on Fun & Games (chapter 17). The biker's flexibility relies heavily on how many knives you throw. If you throw no knives as the biker, your flexibility score will be high. Try to beat chapter 17 without throwing any knives.
5. THE "TIME BONUS" SCORE is based on how quickly you complete the level, of course. This tends to go hand-in-hand with combo-style gameplay since the game is about eliminating all the enemies. Really there are no tips here except to practice each level a lot and find the path of least resistance. Time bonuses, like flexibility, don't really factor heavily into what gives you an A+, but keep it in mind.
6. THE "BOLDNESS" SCORE is based on risky behaviors. Some examples of this are when an enemy becomes aware of your presence, when you knock one of said enemies down, and when you do things like throw nonlethal weapons such as darts or beer cans at your enemies. Though this isn't normally worth much, you can greatly exploit this category for an easy A+ as Richard. In any level where a gunman is isolated, you can run into the room and stand on top of him. He will empty his clip without hitting you, and then you can proceed to torture him if his gun is the only weapon in the room. Smack him down, and he'll get back up and grab his gun. When he sees you again, smack him down again. You can acquire an arbitrarily high boldness score this way. If you're lucky enough to have a dart and multiple enemies like this then you can very quickly rack up a million points (yes) in boldness. That's what the "big balls" screenshots are about.

Using those tips will get you an A+ in most of the Richard levels, although the later ones take some practice. Chapter 17 is partially luck-based as the biker is a melee character and encounters gunmen. Don't use your throwing knives though.
Mountain Man Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:19pm 
I have gone through the game with the Richard mask several times without dying. Here are some tips for surviving, in general:

0. Use mouse and keyboard, IMO
1. Engage as few enemies as possible at a time. Do not fire guns unless you're in a good position to kill everyone that comes by. Don't storm a room unless all the enemies are close to you and grouped together. If there are more than 2 enemies like this, melee is still a risky proposition, especially if they are armed with melee weapons also.
2. In areas with dogs, find yourself a melee weapon as quickly as possible, if you don't already have one.
3. In areas with giant black men, leave them alone for as long as possible until you acquire a shotgun, which kills them instantly with a direct hit. If this isn't an option, make sure to leave yourself backpedaling room and an automatic weapon to unload into them.
4. Pressing spacebar on an unaware white man/capo will kill him almost instantly, no matter what, as Richard. As the biker, just slice them.
5. Again, if you plan on using a gun, back into a room with only one entrance and aim for the doorway.
6. Try to stay more than a screen's distance away (that is, the width of your screen, not your vision to the side) from enemies that you don't intend to engage immediately. This comes into play especially beginning in chapter 10.
7. Your weapons have slightly longer range and a larger window for lethality than the enemies' melee weapons. This effectively allows you to spear them. In melee combat, use your reach as an asset. Generally if an enemy swings a melee weapon, with the exception of the biker boss, you're already dead. Don't let them get in range.
8. You can survive up to 2 automatic weapon bullets, but don't count on surviving the first one.
9. You can ambush up to two unaware white men with your fists as any mask and execute them in time to survive.
10. Sometimes the best strategy for survival is just to kill them all.
11. Always be aware of gunmen's positions.
12. Use exposure fairly liberally. If you put yourself in the line of sight of an enemy - that is, nothing interrupting the path between you, even if his back is turned - for a second or less, he will become aware of you and attack you. For melee opponents this always means they run right at you. For gunmen they will fire, and if you dodge for cover they will run after you until they can fire again. This allows you to "kite" enemies into bottlenecking areas where you can murder them easily without endangering yourself. Unfortunately the enemies' reaction times are randomly (though normally) distributed between about 0.2 second and 1 second. Expect most enemies to have a reaction time of around 0.3 or 0.4 second.
13. You can also use gunfire to draw enemies to you if you're afraid of exposing yourself.
14. Ranged enemies' aim is not perfect or instant, although it may seem that way. Still, don't try to dodge bullets without cover.
15. Tips for bosses/tough areas:

ANY AREA WITH DOGS: Bring a knife or fast melee weapon in whenever possible. If not (e.g. chapter 9) then run to the first guy with a melee weapon and take it, or wait for the dog to pass.
ANY AREA WITH GIANT BLACK MEN: Don't worry much about bringing a shotgun to these, since they will usually be lying around, with the exception of the boss fight in chapter 11. If you bring a pump shotgun to this fight then it will be very easy (see that section).
"MOVIE" PRODUCER: Just bring a pump shotgun down here. Shoot him as he runs into the room with the staircase. When he sits up, shoot again. After the second shot you can execute him, even though he doesn't plead for his life. After the third, he's incapacitated.
BIKER BOSS: This guy is a pain in the♥♥♥♥♥since he's not completely predictable, but there are a few constants. First of all, the biker orbits you in a circular path of constant radius. Unless he's attacking, he will work to maintain that distance. Therefore if you stand still and anticipate his attacks by dodging in the opposite direction, he can't hit you. To get away from him, run in the opposite direction from him or in the opposite direction that he's moving. During the first part of the fight, do this toward the golf clubs. He will wait sometime around 4 seconds for his first two attacks, which are melee attacks, and then the third attack will be a ranged attack. Sidestep the ranged attack and try to get him to hit one of the left or right walls, ideally, or the non-door part of the top wall. If his knife doesn't stick he will quickly rush and kill you. It should be noted that Graham and Brandon masks faintly help with dodging this guy, though he's still faster, so consider wearing them to chapter 7.
BLACK VAN: Find a pump shotgun on the top (third) floor of the building, and take it into the elevator with you. When you get to the lobby, head directly to the top right room. There will be a magenta rectangle in the top right room. Stand at the "8 o' clock" position of the rectangle, just about the bottom left corner. This will protect you from the molotovs. After this, shoot the enemies only as they come around the wall to your bottom left. There will be one white man and two giant black men to kill that aren't friendly fired by the molotovs. Very easy after practice.
POLICE DEPARTMENT LOBBY: A pain in the♥♥♥♥♥in the beginning, but there are two ways to do it. Either expose yourself and lure enemies into the foyer one-by-one, or take a tonfa and go around the level counter-clockwise, stealthily clubbing everyone. Either one is difficult and takes practice.
POLICE DEPARTMENT SECOND FLOOR: Personally, I take a tonfa up here. This may seem insane since just about everyone on this level has a firearm or takes one to die, but bear with me. You can kill the guys in the entry way here with the tonfa without alerting anyone. Following this, and this step is also insane, but take a firearm and bust down the door to a side room. Shoot one of the sergeants to death, then go and hide. If you run far enough away then everyone will run to the area confused and not find you. If you have a shotgun then you can ambush them and kill a ton of them almost instantly, but basically it's going to be a mad scrabble at this point and you just have to go nuts. Not all the cops will run after you though. Hunt the remaining ones down.
POLICE CHIEF: Not too difficult, just make sure you kill the surrounding gunmen before you open fire. None of the guys in that room ever leave. Just pop out around the corner and dust them a bit with your gun of choice before taking cover again. The police chief bleeds to death eventually even if you hit him once.
VENGEANCE SECOND FLOOR HOW DO I KILL ALL THESE GUYS GOD: Use an automatic gun if possible or lure them one-by-one to the entry area. Make sure you have lots of ammo when the giant black men is expected to come by (probably soon after you fire).
VENGEANCE THIRD FLOOR: Grab the fastest melee weapon and bust into the bathroom, kill them, run bottom right and kill the dogs and white man, go left and kill every melee combatant you see. Go right again and when the two patrolling gunmen are out of view, hide behind the bar around the corner of that showroom. When they come by, kill them both. One will have a shotgun. Take the shotgun to the left showroom and wait for the giant black man to line up with the white man while patrolling that bar area. Shoot through the both of them, and into the far window. This may not kill the giant black man, so if it doesn't just back up and shoot him again. For the remaining capos, just run back to the end and slaughter them.
FINAL BOSS: This is mostly a sequence thing and isn't too difficult. Firstly you run and grab the trophy with a right click, of course. The best way to fight the panthers is to backpedal while swinging wildly. They will mostly come at you one at a time. After this, try to be in the middle of the room close to the entryway. The female bodyguard will come at you and you should lock on (middle mouse) and throw the trophy (right mouse). She is now incapacitated. Execute her close to the fountain. The sloppy mob boss will talk, and at this point you should prepare to dive behind the fountain, which provides cover against his fire. While you're hiding, lock onto him. When he reloads, run out and double or triple right-click on the knives around the corpse of the female bodyguard. You will either disable one hand of the boss or both hands. If you disable only one, jump behind the fountain and repeat.
FUN & GAMES SIGH SIGH SIGH: As I said this one can be luck-based, but there are some things you should try. First of all, bust down the door and slice the guy to the right, then left, then execute the guy you door smashed. Run to the upper right and lure out the melee white man, and slice. If you're lucky you can lure the gunman over and slice him, as well as the other melee guy. If you're super lucky the other gunman will still be in the bathroom, waiting for his slaughter. If you're concerned with surviving, I would recommend using a throwing knife on the gunman outside the bathroom. For score purposes, avoid that.
On the second floor, wait a quarter second for the white man in the left room to cross the door and sprint through the hall, killing the guy on the way. Bust down that door and slice the two other guys, killing the one you stunned. Go into the game room to the bottom and run heading down and left, but do NOT pass the second arcade machine or you'll be shot. If you're lucky you'll attract all 3 white men but if not don't worry about it. Kill whoever you pull. Following this, go back up and lure anyone in the hallways into the living room area and kill them. Wait for both guys in the right room to be close to the door and run in and kill them. You may want to try a throwing knife on the mobile one. Go down through the halls, and there will probably be an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ here and there trying to get at you so just take them down. At the bottom will be a melee guy you must take down. Bust into the bathroom and slice the two guys.

The Richard boss is not difficult at all, so this more or less concludes the hard part of the game. As for per-level survival strategies, it takes practice or you can just ask me.
Mountain Man Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:24pm 
As for doing levels quickly, it's highly contingent on how to combo each level, which takes practice. For melee, rely heavily on exposures, and, if your morality allows it, luring enemies with gunfire or taking down distant enemies with throws. I would recommend using the Tony mask since the fists are very powerful, or Brandon or Graham because speed is important in melee. Louie may also be useful. I have not been successful in reliably getting through the game using only melee for a number of reasons:

1. You need ranged weapons to kill many enemies in the game so it's kind of pointless
2. There are areas like the lounge of Hot & Heavy where you are more likely to get your♥♥♥♥♥handed to you than not if you try to use melee + exposure
3. The game was probably designed to make decent use of guns almost half the time

I have yet to see anyone beat the game entirely with melee except for killing fatsos. It would be annoyingly hard to even attempt this, although many levels are fairly accommodating for entirely melee playthroughs.
Mountain Man Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:27pm 
BTW though this doesn't have to do with doing individual levels quickly in terms of score, I find that if you get through the game without dying, even with the Richard mask, while skipping dialogue (hold right mouse), that you can beat it within 50 minutes. If you use the Brandon or Graham masks and manage to not die then it's not out of the question to beat the entire game in 40 minutes.
Condemor Mar 9, 2013 @ 2:44am 
Thank you both so much. I just did all the achievements, I only miss the A+ achievement. I have to try your advices now then.
I only have 3 levels with A+ at this moment.

(Well, I also miss 1000 kills and 60 go to car, but it will be done playing for the A+)
Mountain Man Mar 14, 2013 @ 2:51am 
Just practice each level and go for the highest combos and shortest time you can achieve. It should take less than an hour per level.
Condemor Mar 14, 2013 @ 3:42am 
Originally posted by Savant:
Just practice each level and go for the highest combos and shortest time you can achieve. It should take less than an hour per level.
Okay, thank you!!

Just a comment. Any tips on the masks to use? Maybe Carl because it has the Drill?
Mountain Man Mar 18, 2013 @ 6:55pm 
Originally posted by Condemor:
Originally posted by Savant:
Just practice each level and go for the highest combos and shortest time you can achieve. It should take less than an hour per level.
Okay, thank you!!

Just a comment. Any tips on the masks to use? Maybe Carl because it has the Drill?

Carl is good for maps that are hard to combo really well or have a small number of enemies. You might want to give it a try on chapter 9 - crackdown, for example. A lot of levels have combo opportunities that are not immediately obvious. Generally, though, executing every enemy is a more reliable way to get a high score without much practice.

The best masks for scoring high tend to be Zach (due to combo window), Carl (due to high-scoring execution drill), and Charlie (due to the likelihood of spawning other decently high-scoring weapons like the machete).
Blake Mar 19, 2013 @ 6:40pm 
What I personally did is get he mask that makes combos last longer, and just try and go as fast as possible through the level. Worked out nicely for me since I would combo the entire level.
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