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Lodey™ 2013年2月25日 8時12分
Still no windowed mode?
Can we at least get an update on the implementation of this? It was mentioned all the way back in October or so, and there's been no sign of it since in any update.

There are too many basic necessities missing from this game and I hope the devs work with something more flexible next time. No real excuse for a lack of resolution options, volume sliders, windowed mode, etc.
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2013年3月31日 8時53分 
I'm surprised someone hasn't modded a fix for it yet.
Lodey™ 2013年4月2日 8時46分 
They promised it a while back, said it has issues and haven't done anything about it since November or so when it was first mentioned.
boeck 2013年4月5日 16時08分 
i want it too, is there no workaround?
Crunchepillar 2013年4月7日 16時53分 
Hotline Miami Plus! supports windowed mode at 800x600 right now. I'm working fervently to implement custom resolutions as well as clean up some of the code for handling settings, etc.

Edit: Hotline Miami Plus! fully supports all windowed modes but I still need to edit the mouse settings to reflect this. Expect an update on this soon.
最近の変更はCrunchepillarが行いました; 2013年4月8日 17時17分
Lodey™ 2013年4月26日 7時44分 
Thanks, I'll be sure to use your patch when it supports the mouse within the window.
Crunchepillar 2013年4月26日 9時49分 
I never updated the above post, but windowed mode with the mouse works in the latest miami plus patch.
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