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Weapon unlocks
How do you actually get the weapon unlocks? Is every weapon unlock bound to a specific level when beating a certain score threshold,like with the masks? Or do they just get unlocked when the sum of my score reaches a certain threshold? Does anyone know this?
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Nugg - Shit mouse LEGGOOO! Jan 28, 2013 @ 3:34am 
There are levels where you can find MASKS on the floor,weapons unlock and masks unlock by your level score,don't you see when you pass a level it says 10000 points til new weapon unlock?
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Yes I saw that. But if it says 10'000 points till new weapon unlock, does this mean I get the weapon in the next level once I get 10'000+ points or do I have to repeat the level I just did to get 10'000 points more in that particular level?
I think mask unlocks are handled this way ... at the end of the level it says 45987/35850 points for example. It means I surpassed the 35850 points threshold and therefore get the mask for this level. But the gun unlocks still got me confused.
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