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brave little coward 2013年1月27日上午10:35
is there any way to slow the game down?
it's running way too fast for me. I have very high end hardware but I doubt that's the cause as this game can't possibly use much CPU or GPU time for any system.
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XtremeNugget Fuck Stem Gems 2013年1月27日上午10:37 
The game itself is fast,and I doubt there is a way to slow it down.
Koren 2013年1月27日下午12:00 
Try to set it up on only one of the CPU core in the Windows Tasks Manager.
(Right clic on the process in the list, then Set Affinity and let only one core checked)
AikonCWD 2013年1月27日下午2:20 
Well, there is a way to solve this: Download a program called CheatEngine. Open it and open the process hotlinemiami.exe, then click on the Speedhack checkbox and put 0.5 value.

With this, the game will run at half speed. If you set speedhack at 2.0, the game will run x2 fast, it's easy.

Don't use this trick on only games.
brave little coward 2013年1月27日下午8:20 
thanks, that will help.
one more question - is there any way to up the resolution? I doubt it, but, playing it at 1080p on 27" is kinda rough on the eyes...
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