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Lethal Placebo 2013年1月26日下午1:20
A question about the Hotline Miami Soundtrack available now on Steam
So, yeah, the Hotline Miami Soundtrack is now available on Steam in its entirety. Downloaded the game and proceeded to play it for four straight hours. Love it. I know the soundtrack is available in the game files in .ogg vorbis format, but the OCD part of me needs to know something. I've noticed that some of the tracks in the game directory are actually shortened. An example is Jasper Byrne's "Miami," (scoreboard song) which is actually 4:31 (as seen and listened to on Byrne's bandcamp page), but the track in the directory is 3:15. If I buy the MP3 soundtrack on Steam for $9.99, does it come with the full version of the tracks, like 4:31 version of "Miami" or the shortened version? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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[S] Kodama 2013年1月26日下午4:49 
I think it's only 3:15 but not sure. I check the superflate page. Comparing the songs, the one from game has shorter intro as the one from the page. I also listened the whole songs from that page and I think after specific time (3:40 or something like that) the song starts repeating from beginning again (replaying). Like it's made in loop if you know what I mean.

I think they shortened it on purpose because the song starts to replay (loop) after specific time. ALso, I think 98 % of people after they're checking their score, it lasts max.: 1 min and not 3:15 as song lasts.

Might be wrong....
Lethal Placebo 2013年1月26日下午5:32 
I think you're right about it looping, but I kinda like that. That's why I want the version on Byrne's bandcamp page (the 4:31 version) because I like it so much, and I'm a little bit OCD about having the full version of a song.
Edd Balls 2013年1月27日上午6:53 
Each track in the game files are loped versions which are meant to be read by the game, I'm going to guess that if you removed all the tracks in that directory then the game would throw an error on startup.
If you want the full versions of each song then the soundtrack is the way to go. It may seem fairly steep for a soundtrack but hey, each compser should be getting a fair share of the money for their contributions to the game.
[S] Kodama 2013年1月27日上午9:29 
Check on soundcloud if there is any version of the song which lasts 4:31. If I were you, I would contact the mr. Jasper himself over twitter or so, explaining him you supported OST by buying it but you prefer the longer version of it. He might help you, worth of a try.

Lethal Placebo 2013年1月27日上午11:33 
@The Edditaur: Yeah, I understand that they're looped versions, so they're shorter, but you can confirm that the tracks on the Hotline Miami Soundtrack on Steam are the full versions, not the looped versions? If so, I'll gladly pay for it.

@Kodama: The version on Soundcloud is the shorter, 3:15 version. If it turns out the soundtrack version is the short version as well, I may as well just buy the tracks from the bandcamp pages, even though in total they're more costly.
[S] Kodama 2013年1月27日下午2:33 
I saw the one you prefer, it's 1.50 $. But as I said, try to ask/contact the artist himself
Lethal Placebo 2013年1月28日下午6:05 
@Kodama: Well, tweeted @HotlineMiami and @JasperByrne a couple days ago, and no response. Suggestions?
Lethal Placebo 2013年1月28日下午6:05 
Linked them to this page.
Henry Homesweet 2013年1月28日下午7:38 
I bought the soundtrack on Steam and "Miami" is 3:32 long. There are two differences between the version on Byrne's page and the version of the Steam soundtrack: "Miami" on Byrne's page loops at 3:32 and fades out at the end of the track, but the version of the soundtrack doesn't loop and ends abruptly instead of fading out. So it is the full version, but is a little different from the one on Byrne's page.
Lethal Placebo 2013年1月28日下午8:00 
@Henry Homesweet: Thank you very much for clearing this up! Probably gonna head on over to the store page and buy the soundtrack right now. Thanks again!
Henry Homesweet 2013年1月29日上午5:26 
You're very welcome ;)
Lethal Placebo 2013年1月29日下午12:17 
Oh, I had one more question: have the developers updated the soundtrack so that the tracks are now uniform, under a single album? Or is it still the different EP's put into a folder? I'm still gonna buy it, just wondering about this.
Edd Balls 2013年1月29日下午12:21 
I don't know myself, but when I have enough spare money lying around I'll be buying the EP. I feel kind of guilty about basically mixing and matching from the other albums and making my own from the collection.
From what I've heard, they come with ID tags and the like, but I don't know about disc art or anything.
Lethal Placebo 2013年1月29日下午2:04 
@The Edditaur: Thanks! I'll probably be buying it soon, then I'll check out some other stuff from the artists.
Henry Homesweet 2013年1月31日下午4:15 
Mine is under a single album named "Hotline Miami OST". However, the track "Paris" is an exception to this, it still has the album tag "MOON EP".
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