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Some glitches I've found
I looked at other glitch topics and saw a couple of these or something similar to a couple of them, but mostly I havent seen any of them posted.

1) On the level with the sewer outside: Die, while dead press escape then press escape again to exit the menu then press R. You will respawn at the sewer and none of the enemies you killed will respawn.
2) On the level with the Car boss: if you back up into the elevator as the car is coming in you will leave the floor and re-entering the floor will crash the game.
3) On the stage Assault: Starting as Dennis gives you a nightstick, but dying respawns you with a knife.
4) Killing police with a knife causes them to change into gang members.
5) On the top floor of Assault: starting with a nightstick on this floor and performing an attack just before the captain starts talking will freeze you in the attacking animation causing any enemies that touch you to die without you pressing any buttons.
6) On the Final Showdown: After defeating the cats and the bodyguard, standing on the final boss will cause him to miss every shot(like with any gun-wielding enemy) making for an easy kill.
7) On the Final Showdown: Standing directly to the right(yours, not his) of the Final Boss after defeating him will cause you to die when he commits suicide. This causes the end-level music to play and keep playing even when you respawn to replay the level. Completing the level like this will cause an (ignorable)error message to appear when the Final Boss kills himself and the end level music will keep playing even on the next floor and even behind the credits music.
8) I dont know how to recreate it, but sometimes on various levels enemies will get forced outside of the level. Sometimes they will run back in, but sometimes they wont and the level will not be completable.
9)I dont know if this is intended or a glitch, but: On High Ball, the first enemy will occasionally wield an empty gun.
10) On various stages: sometimes doors that access the outside of the level will be unlocked.
11) On the stage Push It: While standing over the dead body on the dance floor, you cannot throw weapons.
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DarkWolf80s Jan 1, 2013 @ 10:10am 
You might want to add this to the list.

If you push an enemy to the ground and jump him without banging his head on the ground, any enemy that carries a firearm and shoots directly at you will make you invincible. However, you are venerable to melee weapon enemies.
Simna ibn Sind Jan 1, 2013 @ 3:24pm 
Oh I've noticed that sometimes too, but it isnt consistent. It always happened too quickly for me to take a good look and I just assumed that there was a particular point in the animation with invincibility frames....or the gunshots just happened to barely miss.
Oblivion Jan 1, 2013 @ 9:15pm 
I've used that to my advantage several times, should I end up with a bunch of guns pointed at me. If you are attempting an execution with your fists, all shots will fly over your character so long as you have not fully executed the enemy. Simply wait for the enemies shooting at you to run out of ammo, and then you are free to finish the enemy you are on and move to the rest who are now defenseless. I have to assume it's intentional, or an oversight at most, but not a glitch in the technical sense with how replicable it is.
Simna ibn Sind Jan 1, 2013 @ 11:48pm 
That's interesting to know. On another note though, how easy something is to repeat has no bearing on whether or not its a glitch.
DarkWolf80s Jan 2, 2013 @ 1:40am 
I think it is. Because another thing that I do to make sure I have good crowd control by doing another risky move. Stand as close as possible to anyone carrying a firearm. Timing needs to be perfect. The tip of the gun needs to be close to you. When they start shooting, you'll be invincible and the bullets will fly everywhere. This will give you the perfect option to either slit the guys throat by hand or push for a domino effect.
Simna ibn Sind Jan 2, 2013 @ 4:45am 
Its not that you are invincible...just that the bullets are missing.
DarkWolf80s Jan 2, 2013 @ 5:13am 
LOOOL!! My bad. I meant missing XD. I hope more maps/challenges and music comes to this game. Maybe add a squeal story to it.
Simna ibn Sind Jan 3, 2013 @ 12:12am 
Yeah. My main issue with this game(ignoring the price) was that it was pretty short. I definitely got my money's worth though.
DarkWolf80s Jan 3, 2013 @ 12:20am 
Originally posted by Simna ibn Sind:
Yeah. My main issue with this game(ignoring the price) was that it was pretty short. I definitely got my money's worth though.

EXACTLY what I have been saying to anyone that has purchased it. I honestly want to speak to the developers or give them a phone call. I want more! I want more challenges, maybe even extend the achievement list and go with some more wacky stuff. Or even add a DLC to shift the story to something else. And maybe just maybe on seasonal time like Halloween for example they would release special DLC games where you either become the hunter (killing werewolves, zombies, demons etc) or the hunted (You being the monster creature being hunted by a masked maniac). There's just so much that this game can offer.

BTW, if you wanted another good game, I highly recommend you to check out Lone Survivor. It's made by Jasper Byrne the same guy who made couple of tracks for Hotline Miami.
Simna ibn Sind Jan 4, 2013 @ 12:51am 
I have Lone Survivor on another account, but I havent played it yet. I'll check it out.

Also: I edited the first post with another glitch.
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