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Amazing game
I was about to pass this one over except I had purchased FTL on a whim and was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. I thought I'd then check this one out since it was the other indie game on steam that was stirring quite a bit of hype. When I had first saw the trailer it came across to me as if it were just an average 2D beat-em-up aiming for nostalgia sales, something I would grow bored of quite quick... it did look like it had cool themes running throughout though.

After purchasing it I am happy to say that I was wrong, it's quite the gem. The visuals and audio work so well together to create such a bizarre atmosphere... and the gameplay, both intense and addicting! I have yet to finish the game & I'm not that great at it (b- on average) but the satisfaction gained from success has me thinking I'll be giving it multiple playthroughs.

kudos to the devs for putting together such a gritty, seedy & challenging package... I'm thoroughly enjoying my time behind the mask.
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Consigliere Dec 30, 2012 @ 7:29pm 
I was about to start a new thread and essentially say the same, I got this game for 5 bucks back on a weekend deal after watching the videos and really digging the music/graphic style; I've clocked in 21 hours according to Steam since then.

I really really like this game, I actually gifted a copy to a friend when it was a daily deal; I was just as surprised that it hooked me as well as it did, I've never been the sort of person who tries to go back and beat my own high scores, but for some reason I really enjoy doing that with this game. I've even experienced a fair share of bugs, but despite them have come out really enjoying my time - it makes me swear a lot, but that's not the game its my own ineptitude usually lol

Then I read the story about the guy who made this and his response to piracy...for those who don't know, when Jonatan patched the game he actually requested on TPB or some site that pirates upload the updated version, saying that he wanted people to experience the non-buggy game, however they acquired it. That impressed me, and I would totally feel good about supporting this developer's games and DLC - which we need some of, btw - with my money.

Thanks for this one guys <3
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