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Evilminx Dec 28, 2012 @ 8:32am
Right game to pick up - Warning difficulty for some may deter you
I have to say I love challenging games and this is by far one of the more challenging games I've played, especially the achievements. I've cleared quite a few achievements, but I'm now stuck on the final chapter. I have to say this is almost impossible, it's frustrating how quickly the second phase starts that you barely have any time to prepare for the attack.

All in all if you like fun challenging games you'll enjoy yourself.

I'm running this on a laptop
Core i7 3630M
12Gb 1600Mhz ram
Dual AMD 7970M graphics cards
2x750Gb 7200rpm HDD
64bit Windows 7 Ultimate

I've had no issues with crashing or glitches or any of the other problems others seem to be experiencing. Sounds like most issues come with Windows 8 or more specifically 64bit Windows 8 installs.
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Jp Dec 28, 2012 @ 9:20am 
By final chapter do you mean 14? Because it goes on to about 18 and still gets harder. Remind me which level you're on and I can give you some tips. I found this game to be slightly hard but I wasn't stuck on any place for longer than 10-20 minutes, the checkpoints are pretty forgiving for the most part.
Jp Dec 28, 2012 @ 9:31am 
Assuming you mean the 15th chapter titled 'Final Chapter', here's a guide for it if you're stuck. Yes you do need to react quickly in this part, but it IS pretty much the final boss, and if you do it right it takes less than a minute, so it's supposed to be unforgiving.

I assume you got to the second floor, so starting there, back away, grab the trophy near the bottom right corner, use it to smash the purple cats, you need to keep backpedalling from them and hit them before they can mount you, it takes getting used to, if you can't do it then go behind the fountain and creep out so they approach you and then hit them, need to be very fast though.

As soon as the cats are dead throw the trophy at the woman, she runs at you in a straight line so its not too difficult. If you're still behind a fountain she will throw a knife at you first though. Then you need to execute her twice. The guy at the desk will immediately shoot you, so grab one of the fallen knives and get behind the fountain, each time he reloads you have enough time to throw a knife at him and get back in cover, you only need to do this twice. The rest of the level is pretty much a cutscene.
Evilminx Dec 28, 2012 @ 1:33pm 
ya i found the time frame that the chick throws the knife at you behind the fountain is impossibly fast to the point where right after the quick cut scene you get screwed with a knife in your eyeball. I'll try again tonight and see if I can finally complete this area.
Casul Dec 28, 2012 @ 3:37pm 
The only issue I had with the difficulty was the Showdown boss fight as mentioned above, that is some pretty cheap stuff, very very cheap, and it takes me a lot to say that as I try to understand the game design before blaming my failings on the game. (For reference, my favorite game of all time is Dark Souls and I have beaten it while Level 1 the entire game)

All three stages of the fight are cheap and badly designed.

First stage: to kill the panthers safely, you have to abuse what seems to be an AI oversight by popping in and out of cover using the fountain, which will freeze them in place. Not very intuitive.

Second stage: Oh boy, you better pray because right now you have a 50/50 chance the girl will decide to throw an undodgeable knife at you, killing you instantly. If she instead charges at you, then you have a chance. Completely random and unavoidable. In fact I'm not even sure it's a 50/50, seems more like 90/10 for the knife.

Third stage: Once you kill the girl, the guy will instantly shoot at you and kill you. The only way I found of surviving it is instead of finishing the girl as soon as she falls, you have to wait until she crawls around the room. When she is crawling behind a fountain, finish her off there. What this will do is make you start the fight with the last guy in cover, meaning he won't hit you. Her knives will also spawn right there in cover, making it very easy to pick them up.
From here, just wait until he has to reload after wasting his bullets shooting at the fountain, throw a knife, and repeat. Anything but intuitive, it doesn't even make sense.
whatever 💀🎺 Dec 28, 2012 @ 7:36pm 
The showdown really seemed impossible, like there was absolutely no way to avoid dying after killing the cats. But grinding and and trying new things until you get it, beating showdown becomes fairly easy. And if you got the panther mask, it helps and is also an achievement.
uberbobo Dec 28, 2012 @ 9:49pm 
The panthers are easy and it doesn't require any cover or being cheap against them. Once you grab the trohpy hit one of the partners once, as soon as you hit it back up and let it jump at you and hit it again. You just need to time your attack right but its easy once you get it down.

I never had the girl throw anything at be either and I died at least 15-20 times before beating the boss. She would always charge at me making it easy to knock her down. The rest of the fight can be cheap but yes you have to use the fountain for cover against the final boss.
ciroc obama Dec 28, 2012 @ 11:17pm 
Use the walkthroughs described above, makes it very easy. Also, despite what others say, I found the levels as Biker to be very easy.
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Garlix Dec 29, 2012 @ 8:56am 
The chick is easy just throw that trophy on her she falls you knock her a little bit of the floor, she will start gooing up slowly and when she is above the boss finish her.
Jp Dec 29, 2012 @ 9:39am 
lol you guys suck, hard. It's not cheap and it's not broken. You can easily handle the cats without using the fountain to make them freeze, run backwards and time your swing right. The woman only throws the knife if you're behind a fountain (pretty sure she charged me otherwise), and if you can't hit someone running at you in a straight line after a few tries then you're playing the wrong game. The next guy is pretty quick but I easily managed to get to the fountain from pretty far each time and got to cover before he blasted me, and if you're complaining if the woman dies too far from the fountain then use your common sense, you are the one the woman is running at so plan accordingly.

Yes you have to be very quick, but how else are they supposed to make it challenging. The level takes less than a minute to do, so yeah you might have to retry it a few times and do it perfectly in one run. Deal with it.
Evilminx Dec 29, 2012 @ 12:40pm 
ya i tried to freeze the cats from behind the fountain, was able to get past them fairly easily, but i often found myself stuck behind the fountain when the knife was thrown and get stabby stabbed by the chick. I will try backing up and hittng the cats to see if the chick will charge at me in a bit.. I've been pretty good at dodging stuff from earlier levels so I'm hoping I can clear this tonight and start working on the other achievements
Urthdigger Dec 29, 2012 @ 1:29pm 
It's really not that difficult. For the panthers, if you hold down the mouse button you'll swing the trophy quite fast, enough that you're basically guaranteed to hit them if they charge you. Whenever you hit one, back up a little so the panther isn't inside your range anymore.

This way, you're not behind the fountain when the girl attacks, so she will always charge you instead of throwing a knife. Then, simply kill the girl near one of the fountains and duck behind it ASAP.

The boss has a fairly lengthy reload time, just lock onto him while he's shooting (Use the middle mouse button with your cursor over him, may need to use shift to look over), then when he reloads run out, grab a knife, and throw it. There's even enough time to grab a second one and throw it to end the fight. Since he always starts shooting down and then rotating to you, this extends your safety time a little.
Costanza731 Dec 29, 2012 @ 5:37pm 
Just kill the cats behind the fountain and you have cover for the chick right away. Then go back to the fountain when he starts shooting.
Urthdigger Dec 29, 2012 @ 7:14pm 
Problem with killing the cats behind the fountain is that if you're behind cover, she throws a throwing knife at you. And her knife goes THROUGH the fountain.
Garlix Dec 30, 2012 @ 7:11am 
Why do you have to go behind the fountain when the boss starts shooting? When you kill the chick just wait till she goes over the boss and then finish her, you will have enough time to hit the boss twice...
Tuuka Dec 30, 2012 @ 7:28am 
Like the other bosses in the game, it's relatively straight forward once you know the strategy.

Just keep mobile, swinging the trophy and dodging the lunges from the panthers.

Once the panthers are dead, wait at the back of the room, and throw the trophy at the girl as she runs at you, then finish her. The knife throw you mention is guaranteed to occur if you get too close to the boss behind the desk, so stay away from that son of a gun.

As soon as the girl is dead, run like a maniac behind the pillar, intermittently run out and retrieve a weapon once he's reloading, return to the safety of the pillar and when he next reloads strafe out of cover and use the shift aim to hurl the weapon at one of his arms.
Do this twice and roll the credits :)
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