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ForSpareParts 2012. dec. 27. @ de. 10:12
Linux/Mac versions?
I know Hotline Miami is a .NET title, complicating things somewhat, but I was hoping cross-platform versions might be possible with Mono -- I know that Bastion, for instance, managed something similar. Devs, if you're around: would this be practical for you guys? Any chance it'd be in the cards? I'd understand if's not, of course, but I'd be thrilled if I could get HM via Steam Linux.
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Dragon 2012. dec. 27. @ de. 11:29 
It's gamemaker not .net actually, and a mac version is due soon. I don't think game maker has linux support yet though, so that probably isn't likely.
ForSpareParts 2012. dec. 27. @ du. 4:06 
Not yet, but they say it's coming "really soon":

Here's hoping that the Hotline Miami team puts together a Linux build when GameMaker adds support for it!
akmelius 2013. febr. 11. @ de. 6:32 
I'm dreaming to play this game on Linux.
It remembers me to and old game called DreamWeb.
Zerwan' 2013. febr. 13. @ de. 10:39 
+1 for linux support !
Pirata Richard 2013. febr. 17. @ du. 7:20 

I'd love to play this game on Linux, relax a little in the middle of a coding session.
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