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br33dlove  [kehittäjä] 20. joulu, 2012 13.54
Game Update - December 20
The following remedies have been put in place for issues some users are experiencing while starting or playing Hotline Miami. For best results please reinstall the game and then reboot your PC.

If you are still experiencing issues after the update, contact and label the mail with the name of your error and they'll get in touch with you for further support!

We appreciate your support and patience! Thanks!

For you that have this problem you MUST DO the following! Go to OPTIONS, then ADVANCE and then turn SURFACES to OFF. Now you should be able to enter floors in the game without problems.

if this function is turned ON the blood will be removed when it lands. You should try and play the game with this turned OFF first.
If you feel that the game runs slower with SURFACES OFF you can try and switch to ON, to save memory.

We have limited the amount of sounds that the game can play at once (which was what caused the problem with the game crashing).

Note: Win 8 seems to be more sensitive to this then other platforms, but we think the sound limit we have will be enough, since it worked for those that helped us test this.

It helped our testers to turn SURFACES to OFF and CLEAR BLOOD to ON. That made the game run in normal speed for them, so try that if you have slowdowns.

Minor issues like the boiling pot/werewolf bug have been fixes as well.

EDITED: Removed achievement update as it doesn't seem to work for everyone.

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Icy ❋ 20. joulu, 2012 14.11 
thanks for the thread
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [kehittäjä] 20. joulu, 2012 14.15 
no problem! hope the patch works for you!
thank you so much for fixing achievement ♥♥♥♥♥!! (and the rest of the fixes too!)
Have been thinking about buying the game but it sounds like the 16 bit surfaces and 16 bit blood might be too much for my quad core / Battlefield 3 capable system to handle.
actually the achievement still isn't unlocking for me

i tried completing both chapter 1 and 2 and it still has not triggered an unlock
C0BR4.cH 20. joulu, 2012 14.28 
yea the achievement doesn't unlock. have beaten two levels with a higher score and still nothing -.-'
The music works again!
Thanks for the update!

However, "I Got New Friends" achievement doesn't seem to be unlocking for me. I've unlocked the Silenced Pistol just now, yet it still registers as locked on my steam achievement tab.
Stranger 20. joulu, 2012 14.38 
Here alt+tab doesn't work yet, it's also happening with anyone?
Finished the game and have more than 10hours of gameplay and the game works fine... never found a bug. Running on Window Vista 64x. Never got any bug with Win7 either... isn't all of this problems an Win8 issue?
UBDD7423 20. joulu, 2012 14.46 
I have been unable to unlock the last of my achievements and I'm hesitant to reinstall. Can we get more information on how to fix this issue?
Thank you. Will test NAO! If all the achievements work, since I played teh game completely through like more than 6 or 7 times (with using the password and without at the end).

That guys apartment still has no TOILETTE!!!! I think he does not take a crap into the sink or shower... ;-)
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nyom 20. joulu, 2012 14.50 
Thx for the update.

Et tu, Spyre? lähetti viestin:
Have been thinking about buying the game but it sounds like the 16 bit surfaces and 16 bit blood might be too much for my quad core / Battlefield 3 capable system to handle.

Then play bf3 and do not bore us with your craptalk.
Aaaand crashed two times on lvl10. Both while on the floor to which you go by the stair in the top right corner. BUT I got through it on my third try. So it looks like the game is a little more robust now but still not really stable. (W8 64 btw)
HeXious 20. joulu, 2012 15.04 
None of my achievements are working properly..
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