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You know what this game needs?
A level designer intergrated with steam workshop. That would make the game have maximum replay value and make it that much more awesome.Ya know? Just a thought.
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technoir 2012年12月15日 4時32分 
Just thinking about a level editor or generator sends me to a catatonic state of delight.
Forever We Fight 2012年12月15日 5時53分 
That would be absolutely briliant. Quick someone, call the dev!!!!!!!!!
Neon Noir 2012年12月15日 6時31分 
I think I'd prefer it if they finished fixing the game first, no offense. I'd like to actually play it if you don't mind.
Jeremy VII 2012年12月15日 8時52分 
I can't wait for Hotline Miami 2.. and the game is pretty replayable as it is methinks.
Zeron 2012年12月15日 8時53分 
This game needs a sequel and free DLC.
The Catalan Megaenna 2012年12月15日 9時54分 
This needs DLCs, Workshop and a bunch of fixes. Great game!
Tuuka 2012年12月15日 10時04分 
I've never been interested in level designers for games, the user level database tends to become polluted with a lot of bad work; I'd rather see more levels from the creators in a DLC instead.
LuisBer 2012年12月15日 10時19分 
My game have a bug, if i kill to many people at the same time, the game crash a stop working.
Blake 2012年12月15日 11時47分 
Hmm, don't know why people are saying their game isn't working. Mine worked perfect.

On topic, I'm glad you said level editor, because really, unless you're an achievement hooker, this game doesn't have much replayability. I'm also glad you didn't say co-op, because I get tired of hearing that on games that co-op would just not work. Maybe it'd work for this, but it would make the game a lot easier.
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PunkZoli 2012年12月15日 19時09分 
great idea, and steam cloud too
The-Mad-Umper 2012年12月15日 21時10分 
i agree steam workshop needs to be added with a simple level editor
Thanks for all the positive feedback, who knows? Maybe someday it will happen.
Omeghon 2012年12月20日 14時03分 
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