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HaroldIV 2012年12月8日 19時22分
My hotline does not start. HELP
when i start the game it starts up and stays at the thing that says hotline miami and stays their. i have reinstalled it multiple times and deleted items off my computer and went into the programming and made sur e all the game files were their so i need help plz
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urbanriot 2012年12月8日 19時26分 
Have you rebooted and tried again? Between reboots the game works for me for no explainable reason.
Syktris 2012年12月8日 20時35分 
same here, im on windows 8, u?
KukkīNeko!_Senpai≧3≦ 2012年12月8日 20時47分 
Well it depends on how long you wait. Mine can take up to 10 minutes to start up. I also agree with urbanriot, you have to restart your computer for it to work sometimes.
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