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IAmMrJam 2012年12月8日 11時40分
Your system has run out of virtual memory...?
When i start the game up it says that i've run out of virtual memory and need to restart the game, every time i load it up. When i click on the game after it says that it then comes up with loads of error messages, making it impossible to play the game.

Does anyone know how to fix this please, i reaaaally want to play this game! Thanks
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IAmMrJam 2012年12月8日 11時50分 
Actually i just tried again and it's Video memory, not virtual.
Dr. Judo 2012年12月8日 12時11分 
yeah me too I cant play it
sykky 2012年12月8日 13時08分 
me too, it was working fine for 5 chapters, btw im on windows 8 hbu?
IAmMrJam 2012年12月8日 16時55分 
Windows Xp
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