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Can't defeat first boss
The biker that is prank calling. I can't defeat him. I've looked at solutions and videos and obviously you're supposed to use the golf clubs which the red arrow directs you to. Problem is, game won't let me pick it up. Also, after looking at some videos the golf club is in a different place for me than others? Someone else get this problem?
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Thanks for pointing that out. I clearly made it that far into the game without realising you could pick up weapons.
No, but seriously. The game is not letting me pick it up and has effectively killed my progress. I've tried fighting him with my fists and it's not working. I've also tried picking up his knife when it sticks to the wall, but it will behead me when I get close to it. I'm guessing it's a magical knife. Frustrating.
Golf club, don't hit him, keep dodging. When he get the knife stuck on the wall, hit him and run back. You can only hit him once when that happens, so don't do anything stupid. Then repeat this for about 2-3 more times and he's dead. Should take 2 hits with golf club after getting his knife stuck.

I had the same problem with the biker at first, having no clue how to kill. Hotline Miami teaches you learn from mistakes until it's success.
Once again. The game is not letting me pick up the golf club. I did some searching and found someone else with the same problem. Apparently this is a bug. I'm using the 360 controller and for some reason you have to use the left trigger to pick up the golf club. Every other weapon in the game is picked up with the right bumper though.
I had a similar issue where I had to click several times on the golf club before it picks up. This also happens with the baseball bat that the first guard is holding on Push It. Once you can get it, Helmet isn't that hard. Like everyone says, let him chase you around the room (stay close to the walls and don't let him corner you), and after a little while he throws his knife. If you keep moving the whole time, he'll miss you and the knive will stick into the wall. When he runs over to the knife, run at him and club him while he's pulling it from the wall. He'll chase you again, repeat the process, and the next time you club him you'll lay him out on the floor. Grapple him for one of the best execution scenes in the game.
Yeah. Now I'm stuck at the final boss (I'm guessing) I can easily kill the pumas or whatever they are. But the woman just instantly kills me as soon as the dialogue ends.
Since samurai swords are longer than trophies, you have to toss the thing before she gets in range. Let 'er have it!
throw the trophy at the woman. i wont' spoil the last part for you tho. you'll ahve to figure that out on your own ;D
She'll either throw a shuriken at you or run after you with her sword. So it'll take some fast reaction time on your part to either dodge her shuriken or throw your trophy at her. Practice enough and you'll get the hang of it. I can beat the boss without dying once now.
Problem was I was hiding behind the column on the right. The pumas won't move unless they have you in their sight which makes it easy to kind of lure them in bit by bit. Problem is I was so close that I could never react in time to the woman. She would insta-kill me as soon as her dialogue ended because I was so close. I had to make sure I killed the pumas a lot farther away. Alright, thanks for the help.
For the "final boss":
1. Pick up the trophy on the right side
2. Hit one puma, after one hit they go faster
3. Kill the second one too with two hits
4. throw the trophy at the girl
5. Finish her
6. Twice
7. take one dagger and hide behind one column
8. Trow it at him and run to the other column
9. Repeat
10. There you go
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