Sayakat Joestar Apr 16 @ 7:30pm
My body is ready for Hotline Miami 2 ;-;
Some new information about the game?
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darude-sandstorm Apr 16 @ 10:04pm 

the fat butcher is acutally not a killer, but an actor playing as jacket in a movie about jacket. then theres the fans who are trying to follow in jackets footsteps and trying to get the attention of the callers who have gone quite, but they kill low life thugs like bikies and stuff because theres no more russian mobsters ( i dont think anyway) because jacket killed them all
Variant Apr 17 @ 3:45pm 
New trailer called Dial Tone.
JayManGTA May 4 @ 6:18am 
The moment I see it on the Coming Soon tab, it will be a immediate purchase.
Frampo Jun 22 @ 4:46am 
Mr.Blonde Jun 22 @ 10:44am 
Level editor G_G
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G u a r d i a n Jun 22 @ 8:40pm 
Ferguson Police Dept. Jun 22 @ 9:13pm 
I hope Hotline Miami 2 will be what The Human Centipede 2 was to the original
thebaconfarmer Jun 22 @ 10:55pm 
How long has it been in production?
darude-sandstorm Jun 23 @ 6:43am 
Originally posted by thebaconfarmer:
How long has it been in production?

about since its release, im saying about year maybe?
Vyre Jun 23 @ 11:24am 
I want the sequels sexxxx >:3333 awesometimes!!!!
war Jun 24 @ 7:09am 
cnt wait for it
jjasmm Jun 24 @ 7:11am 
yeah saw the trailer, crazy excited
bsk500 Jun 25 @ 5:12am 
i'm so excited
|BleSSed_Vices| Jun 25 @ 7:22am 
cannot wait!! this game is like crack!!!
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