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Tips for maximizing combos using rooster mask.
Tips? Im able to chain a lot of combos using the rooster mask but I feel like im not maximizing the potential I can. Do the combos stop if you dont kill a person or dog fast enough or can I throw an item, then punch them, then throw a door into their face and the combo not be dropped? Im able to chain my combos on a lot of maps (I practice push it a lot just cause its my fav) but i feel like im not maximizing my chains to its fullest
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Skymirrh Feb 9 @ 1:55pm 
Please refer to this post I've written a long time ago, I think it actually is quite complete.
Mandrake[Duck] Feb 10 @ 9:16am 
Any act of violence that scores you points, including all methods of knocking enemies down, should keep the combo going, although for not as long as killing them. You can also wear Zack the Frog to significantly increase the combo window.
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