World in Conflict: Soviet Assault
rayjyou Jul 2 @ 8:35pm
Validating local files for WIC package fails ALL THE TIME
Issue - I download WIC Complete Edition ( Soviet Assault and World in Conflict ), whenever i validate local files it always fails 6 parts and redownloads the whole program. It keeps happening every time i validate the local files.
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Rogue Diplodocus Jul 13 @ 5:01am 
Both my brother and I are having the same problem. mine is missing 12 files and then redownloads 2.2Gb.
Pow Jul 17 @ 4:33pm 
It will do this over and over, but once you've done it once the game runs fine.
rayjyou Jul 17 @ 6:14pm 
ohh okay thanks Pow, Rogue check out Pow's comment i can vouch for it - it does it over and over every time i validate but i guess we need to stop clicking on validating the files option.
Pow Jul 17 @ 10:27pm 
There's also been problems with DX settings and also some people including myself are unable to get it to run if both soviet assault and original WiC are installed. I had to uninstall one of them.
ILoveCostcoPizza Jul 21 @ 10:53pm 
Which one did you uninstall

Pow Jul 22 @ 3:35pm 
I unistalled Soviet Assault. I don't know if it matters which one you uninstall, but I'm not sure. I think if you have both installed they trip over each other. I only play multiplayer, so it didn;t matter to me about the single player content. If you want to play the single player, soviet assault gives you all the content of original WiC plus the soviet content.
rayjyou Jul 22 @ 7:09pm 
true i followed Pow's instructions and it works fine for me now, uninstall WIC standalone version and just keep soviet assault it has all the content in it anyway
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