Dan Mar 7 @ 11:25am
Waiting for Other Players when attempting to load a checkpoint
Whenever I fail a mission and attempt to load the checkpoint, it begins to load then says 'Waiting for Other Players' instead of allowing me to press Start to continue, only I'm not online or in a Co-op game. This is pretty annoying, particularly on the later levels as it means I have to complete the mission in one attempt.

I have tried verifying my files and have also tried running in compatability mode but no luck. I'm am using saves from Windows 7 (now on Windows 8), and I'm not prepared to start again since I am most of the way through the story.

Does anyone have a solution for this or know of a decent workaround? I'm also experiencing frequent crashes, usually when finishing a mission and attempting to proceed to the next one, however this isn't a big issue since it manages to save my progress beforehand.
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gordon Mar 8 @ 11:47pm 
Same exact issue. Windows 8.1 x64 (with Radeon HD 6900M) Drives me crazy. Tried all manner of compatibility mode options, drivers, settings, etc. Driving me crazy.
Dan Mar 9 @ 3:21am 
I gave up trying to solve it in the end and managed to press on and complete the remaining levels in one attempt.
Himuton Apr 8 @ 8:40pm 
I have your exact problems.

Check the 'Always On Top' option in Window's Task Manager to bring it up during a crash to terminate the game (should show 'not responding'). Otherwise, it may keep the screen frozen and force you a PC restart.

This game is very buggy but you know Ubisoft would not care. They do not care about Far Cry 3's corrupt public co-op, let alone this old game.
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[ESO]DarkArchon Apr 10 @ 12:57pm 
Same problem, Windows 8.1 here too. I can't help you solve it, but I can verify that running it in compatibility for Windows 7 and Vista don't do anything. Nor does running it in administrator mode.

Also, posting just to subscribe in case someone comes up with a solution.
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