camer823 Mar 4 @ 3:19pm
Does it have "follow the mouse" controls?
I dont know what the control style is called exactly but I mean whe style where the plane basicly goes where you point the mouse. I know world of war planes and war thunder (for arcade battles atleast) use it so anyone who playes them might be familiar with it.
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|x|Sirius|x| Mar 11 @ 2:07am 
Sorry for the late response - The forums are pretty dead, as you might have noticed.

No, as far as I know there are no controls like that in HAWX. Sorry.
Since it's very arcade-y, may I suggest setting up a controller/gamepad for this?
camer823 Mar 11 @ 11:17am 
Better late then never, but I was hoping that it would. I had the game on xbox a while ago and hate flying with those controls. Thanks anyway.
trust me, i didn't know how to fly at one point either, but learning how to fly a plane is easy and very intuitive
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