scotlanders 2012年10月23日 9時53分
what time is it getting released in the UK
it says it is getting released on the 23rd but i still cant play it
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Blackwolf 2012年10月23日 12時59分 
Its possible that we have to wait. The European Release was never confirmed for the same Date. A little group of Shops are shipping the european Versions for Wii, Xbox360 and PS3 on the 2nd November.
NoNsToP 2012年10月23日 14時23分 
kinda lame others can play already >.>
Blackwolf 2012年10月23日 14時37分 
If you mean the american Players, you're right. The confirmed releasedate was for USA. I hope that the european release was the same date. Its possible that Steam has technical problems with that. But if i have to wait a few more days, this should be no problem after all.
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