Cabela's® Dangerous Hunts 2013

Water_Hazard 2012年10月23日上午5:20
Anyone else having trouble installing the game or know a fix?
When I try to install it jumps straight to saying it is installed then when I try to run the game it says game corrupt. Ive tried verifying game cache integrity and it says all file verified successfully. I have also looked in the game folder in the steamapps/common and nothing is there.
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NoNsToP 2012年10月23日上午5:38 
its not out yet?
Water_Hazard 2012年10月23日上午5:46 
I got it to start downloading, just had to restart steam. Looks like its out to me ;)
Superman 2012年10月23日上午6:19 
tell us what you think of it when you get the chance
Water_Hazard 2012年10月23日上午6:23 
Sure thing. Gonna try and get some play time in on my lunch break if it is downloaded by then.... man I hate my internet connection
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Jesse 2012年10月23日上午6:43 
Must only be out in the US i can get to the page but no buy now any chance of this being released in nz?
NoNsToP 2012年10月23日上午7:36 
im in uk and its not out here yet can only pre load ;/
ditchdoc1 2013年1月12日下午7:46 
when I hit play my screen goes blackand then blue and my computer restarts.Whats up with that?I bought the combo package and the hunting expeditions is still downloading.Each of these games if about 41/2 gig.
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