Tizzie - Enjoy Your GTA:O Bans May 18, 2014 @ 10:00am
I remember playing the original Big Game Hunter, the very first one. That one was actually trying to be a "dangerous" hunting simulator. Instead of going after deer you specifically targeted big cats and bears, etc. But other than that it wasn't much different than say, Deer Hunter 2004 which was trying its best at the time to be a realistic simulator. Then the second Dangerous Hunts game came out and it was really crazy and stupid then it became all like "YOU'RE GONNA FOLLOW AN ULTRA LINEAR PATH ALL THROUGHOUT THE GAME UNTIL YOU END UP HUNTING BIGFOOT IN A HELICOPTER" and it's like wat

tl;dr go play the first Dangerous Hunts instead (Or Deer Hunter 2004/2005/Big Game Hunter, all are old but goodies)