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mkjack41 Sep 1, 2013 @ 11:24pm
Having trouble using items
This might have been answered somewhere here, but could not find it, and could be a stupid question. Anyhow, I'm having the hardest time using either a medkit or the riot shield I just got. I know it might have something to do with either c or v on the keyboard. Alas, I cannot utilize any of these items. I like the game otherwise, very frustrating not being able to heal myself. Also was curious what happens if times runs out on the mission?
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annie Sep 1, 2013 @ 11:53pm 
Select the item you want to use with C (left item) and V (right item) on the inventory cross. This only equips it. You may then actually use the item by pressing the same key that you use to shoot your gun. To use the Riot Shield, you'll actually need to hold down the shoot key.

Originally posted by ybelzil:
| Button | Function
| K | Jump
| J | Shoot
| L or Double Tap | Roll
| I | Melee
| Space | Reload
| Escape | Display Start Menu
| Enter | Display Sub Menu
| Left Shift | Speak (keywords)
| W | Climb ladder / Enter door
| S | Crouch / Pick up item
| A | Run left
| D | Run right
| Arrows | Camera control / Sniper mode / Menu cursor
| R | Switch to Gun
| F | Switch to Transceiver
| C | Left item slot
| V | Right item slot

These are the default buttons for the game. You can change your keyboard mapping in the Help & Options of the second screen of Mercenary Kings when started up.

I'll advise you right now that you can heal with Ration (recovers approximately 1/5 of your health) and First Aid (recovers 100% health). You can self-revive by holding Adrenaline Shot (recovers approx. 1/5 of your health), and it works automatically upon death. You can acquire these from Red Crates or buy them from the Golden Gate merchant. You can also use your Transceiver to get one free Red Crate containing a First Aid, and if you scroll up in the Transceiver to Operator, you can teleport back to beginning of the area (you'll find a use for this when you need to travel quickly across a large stage).

You get a Mission Failed when the time runs out.
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