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Guias Steam populares Guias, referências e detonados em texto
The '@' & "$" Method
por pls report me
Scribblenauts Unlimited allows you to write almost any word you can think of - but did you know there are several words programmed into the game that you can't access? This guide shows you how....
Useful Items & Abjectives
por pls report me
This guide will list what are some useful go-to weapons and abjectives that you'll find yourself using time and time again through each level due to their sheer usefulness Expect this list to be updated!...
Todos los Objetos de Fragmento
por Craftwanb
En esta guía encontrarás la solución para obtener todos los objetos de fragmento y sus respectivos logros. En cada una de las secciones encontrarás palabras en negrita [son el título del fragmento], y palabras en cursiva [es lo que debes hacer]. Lo q...
All object shards in one guide by order.
por Saeko
This guide will get you all your -object shard- achievements....
Weapons N Stuff
por Hopper200/AtlasPyxel
Scribblenauts Unlimited Complete Walkthrough
por Keden
A complete walkthrough for Scribblenauts Unlimited....
[German] Alle Objektsplitter
por Niralina
Dies ist ein Guide, um alle Objektsplitter zu bekommen. Und die dazugehörigen Erfolge....
Scribblenauts Unlimited - GUIA COMPLETO (PT-BR)
por Giorgio Locatelli
Guia completo para completar 100% jogo. Créditos : Lilian,
Making Avatars: Humanoid and Quadrupedal
por HenryRichard1234
How to make more playable characters, as demonstrated by my buisnessman and unicorn....
Scribblenautical Creation Guide
por jglenist
This is your guide to creating cool stuff, as exemplified by Abe Lincoln and his bazooka....