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How to use david
by peob
You wanna use david well heres how! ...
how to become a ghost child from FNaF
by wendyannie17
this is very useful if you are a FNaF fan or if you just got murderd by the purple man. so, lets start! ...
how 2 get eaten in scribblenauts (both games)
by wendyannie17
als can make lily finally move...
How to turn yourself into a pig
by Tex the Tepig
First, you will need to go into the Avatar editor. There, you will have to click on the fruity icon to show Maxwell's "hitboxes". Go to the Stamp icon. and you will see a little notebook icon at the top left. Click that, Type "Pig", Determine which bo...
How to publish workshop items
by Pumpkinhead
This is how you publish items to the steam workshop....
How to get all the star's and shard's!
by Redeagle3
This guild will show you how to get all stars and shards always updateing!...
How to go Through the Ground (Capital City)
by FroggyFeyre
An interesting glitch I discovered while playing around in Capital City. It isn't groundbreaking or anything, it's just pretty cool....
Magic 'n' Potions
by The Officialy Official Medic
Basic magic Stuff...
how to make a maxwell that does not have the evil face
by SkylahShaymin5741
you must create a teleporter for this to work! Click on it, then click Teleport and VIOLA! you have a clone of maxwell and you can edit it how ever you want!...
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