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chad.richart 2月9日 16時25分
random scribbles
i want ideas for the funniest thing thats ever happened to someone on scribblenauts unlimited
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ShadOw Brand Cherrios 2月9日 19時42分 
riding a monkey typed in spell he lit on fire and turned into a dinosaur! and then a bomb fell and i died!
Seb 2月10日 4時17分 
Destroying a black hole by throwing a giant badger at it.
ShadOw Brand Cherrios 2月10日 5時19分 
chad.richart 2月10日 7時27分 
chad.richart 2月10日 7時28分 
how bout spagetti cat
ShadOw Brand Cherrios 2月10日 8時54分 
ha cool
chad.richart 2月10日 15時29分 
lol try making a time traveler and a time machine
Random Gamer 2月11日 19時44分 
I made a sheep light on fire and then it flew away.
au5513lr 3月4日 1時01分 
I killed a horde of zombies with only a quad bike and a fan (not the person kind, i tried him, he was completely screwed). Basically I blew them away, fleeing in the quad bike when they came close.
Phantom Premier 3月4日 2時48分 
I set up a battle between Genghis Khan (on a camel), C'thulu, Zeus, a vampire, and a bank robber. It didn't go to plan.
mikeycantrell 3月4日 5時15分 
Created a pig creature (pecanino) from the ender novels and when i tested him out everybody part was moving in a different direction and it was instantly dying and screaming
chad.richart 3月30日 18時29分 
sorry i didnt respond sooner i was busy
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