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How to Payday 2 *Golden Grin Casino UPDATED*
by AllGhostNoHost
Here is a guide to help you play Payday 2 better in stealth and loud heists. I have entered in many public lobbies and coached new players to the game and I think it was about time I made a guide teaching everyone (not just new players, but also seasoned ...
AK Dodge Build
by Roundrock
This is a simple dodge build, based around the ak. The DLCs it involves are: AK/CAR, GAGE Courier, And for an improved secondary, Hotline Miami. the Melee I use is from the Gage Historical pack, but melee is not that important. The idea was given to me...
Payday 2 Hosting Etiquette
by Spartacus_N7
This guide will learn you to be the best host!...
PAYDAY 2 Guessing Game
видео, как получить достижение "угадай-ка"...
[FR/EN] Easy way to complete mallcrasher on Deathwish difficulty
by Neo
The easiest way to comple mallcrasher on Deathwish difficulty! [FR/EN]...
รู้หรือไม่ ? BBQ Pack & OVERKILL Pack
by DZ
รู้ในสิ่งที่คุณไม่เคยรู้เป็นคู่มือให้กับคนที่จะซื้อ DLC BBQ Pack & OVERKILL Pack ครับ =) ...
[Map Idea] Underground bargains
by Croqui42
Rebirth of an old idea of mine, a contract where the payday gang need to go steal money in an illegal hidden place own by some bikers. Plans, layout and other information available to help you imagine how the contract could be if we have a workshop somed...
H&T Banks: The Silent Way
by RainingMetal
This guide is for stealthing the Harvest & Trustee Banks, up to date with The Dentist's preplanning. Written for those who lack a pager-blocking ECM and multiple teammates....
Hell To Pay achievement guide [Halloween achievements]
by Jester[USA]
This is a guide for the Payday 2 "Hell to Pay" achievements or the "Halloween achievements" Main Target: Players who have a decent level range in Payday 2. Guide created: 2013, November 3 Updating for 2014 halloween...
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