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Как немного облегчить прохождение Hotline miami deadwish и тд.
by qWaZar
Вот видео в котором все показано, номер комнаты 106 Спешите пока не пофиксили PS Упав в текстуру вы не умрете от рук врагов и можете переждать...
Symbols for your name
A barebones guide of Payday 2 symbols that can be put in your name....
How To Stealth Erection Day
by Carlnin - Dark Lord of Piñatas
For anyone who's real shit at stealthing election day. This guide covers day 1 and day 2 plan A (warehouse). Erection day sure is hard....
Newb's Guide to PAYDAY 2: Guns
by Sentry #9147
In this installment, I cover the tools of the trade, which belong in your arsenal and which are not worth giving Gage the 10 million for each gun....
How to kill the blackdozer in under 2 seconds
by Dolan
halo gais tudai i wil shou u mai tird guide How to kill the blackdozer in under 2 seconds step 1)get a god weapon i racomand u a snaipar raifle step 2)dis step is very important step 3)get promoted to faze step 4)leave optic dumbass step 5)smoke w...
Newb's Guide to PAYDAY 2: Classes
by Sentry #9147
New to the game? Veteran that wants some tips on his build? This guide covers the 4 types of criminals, and all the skills in-depth...
How to Shoot - PAYDAY 2 (For Mouse Users)
by Spectre
This simple guide should succesfully educate younglings and newbies to shoot their fabulous guns....
La guia del buen Fantasma
by B_Lior
Con esta guia aprenderas a ser un buen fantasma en Payday 2......
PAYDAY 2: The Classic Heist Challenge
by Thaumasurge
This guide details the rules for The Classic Heist Challenge, where the goal is to replicate the original PAYDAY: The Heist within the sequel. Attempt the challenge and see if you have what it takes to Heist Like It Was 2011....
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