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Payday 2 Mask Guide [Incomplete, Dead]
by CoooookiE
A comprehensive guide showcasing available Masks. Every mask, up to the Armoured Transport DLC...
Big Bank Heist - How to find the right Computer
by 4Bestraft
Hello Guys, As you already know, in the Big Bank Heist you have to find the right Computer to proceed with the Mission. My Team just found out how to locate the right Computer and I want to share this knowledge with you. This will only work if you play...
FULL Achievement Guide (outdated)
by Kryzoid
This comprehensive guide used to give you the resources and knowledge needed to unlock every achievement in Payday 2. It no longer covers everything from putting on your mask to reaching level 100....
PayDay 2 Hardware Store | Concept
by M4rvinLP
The hardware store is just a concept and an idea for Overkill. If you like this idea and want that heist in the game click the favorite button and leave a thumb up. In addition, we created a website for this mission. [url=
Русификатор для PAYDAY 2 (без скачки)
by briancepsMAKAFO
Тут вам покажут как сделать PayDay 2 русским без скачивания русификатора! ...
The Units: Know your enemy
by AJValentine
This is an in depth guide, related to all the FBI, SWAT, Elite and specials you wil encounter on your bloodstained journey through Washington D.C....
Русификатор на PAYDAY 2
by MAXON (full)
В этом руководстве я расскажу как руссифицировать PAYDAY 2...
The Beginner's Guide to Stealth Mechanics [Update 67]
by visual.noise
So now you've got a couple heists under your belt, and you are thinking to yourself "How can I complete this mission without those pesky cops getting in the way?" Well don't worry, I'm here to show you the way. Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Stealt...
PAYDAY 2 Beginners Mega Guide!
by [Fated] Krimzon
Hello fellow robbers and cash grabbers! My name is Krimzon and this is my beginners guide for all of you that are new to the great franchise that is PAYDAY! If you are unsure about what to do and want to learn some tips and tricks before running in and ro...
Русификация Payday 2 [фикс]
by Tot@L
Если вы поменяли язык на русский в свойствах игры, но игра все также на английском, то это небольшое руководство поможет вам....
PayDay 2 New bank | Concept
by M4rvinLP
The Harvest & Trustee Northern Branch is just a concept and an idea for Overkill. If you like this idea and want that heist in the game click the favorite button and leave a thumb up. In addition, we created a website for this mission. [url=http://w...
Big Oil. Как найти нужный двигатель. (Шаг за шагом)
by NealDK
Данное руководство является лишь переводом гайда пользователя с ником =[T$CElite]= Limitless, и создано с целью донести информацию до русскоязычных ...
[EN/RU] How to stealth renewed Train Heist on Death Wish.
by Clyde
After Update #57 (March 13, 2015), Overkill introduced new stealth version of Train Heist. Here are some tips on how to do it fairly easy. После 57-го апдейта стелсовая часть Поезда была изменена. ...
DW: Unheard Tips & Secrets
by Kivo765
So many people just give up so easily when faced with a loud DW mission. But I never quit. Becuase I know how to stay alive. I'm not saying I can solo loud DW missions (although I have completed a couple solo after my team died), but if more people knew ...
Common Courtesy in Payday 2 (For New and Old Players)
by Spiff Munt
(UPDATED WITH BOMB HEISTS) This is a guide for all new players and some old, especially during free weekends. It deals with basic common sense and courtesy within the world of Payday 2. And who says there's no honour among theives?...
Big Oil Engine Quick Reference
by Zapruder the Hedgehog
Quick reference and example images for how to find the correct reactor on Big Oil day 2....
Payday 2 Material Guide [Incomplete, Dead]
by CoooookiE
A comprehensive guide showcasing available Materials....
"What's next?" - Audio transcripts
by [] Mr. Payday
This guide features audio transcripts and links to the official audio files for all the audio files that were added to
Quick Reference for the Complete All Contracts on X Difficulty Achievements
by gabbo1928
This is just a quick reference for all of the heists which much be completed on each difficulty to get achievements....
by [] Prinny
A "nearly" complete guide about Shadow raid heist and its achievements...
Fusion for Dummies - Big Oil Day 2 Engine Calculator
by compassghost
A calculator to assist in the determination of the correct fusion engine to select based on intel collected. Also helps with determining contents of a pre-packed bag....
[Interesting Facts] All you need to know about the old version of PAYDAY 2
by Debosy
Payday 2 was released a long time ago. Many things in this game have changed. I have created this collection of interesting facts together with the community, for players who want to know how this game looked like in the past and how much has changed....
Rats: What is Bain Really Telling You to Add?
by [CASH] Synister
Just a quick guide in response to the Rats guide made by SouRcE to aid everyone in understanding the mystery that is: Bain....
How to Solo Stealth The Big Bank on Death Wish [OUTDATED]
by muse
A detailed guide of my way of stealthing The Big Bank heist....
pay day 2 описание скилов на Русском
by ke7
Скилы на Русском языке. Подписывайтесь,оценивайте, ставьте лайки. Если есть коментарии по формулировкам пишите,исправлю. ...
Hot Lava 2.0 - Achievement Guide
by Rhadamant
How to get the Hot Lava 2.0 Achievement....
Payday 2 Big Oil Engine Table
by Hicchan~
In payday 2 big oil, the engines are always set up the same so here is the table if you accidently grabbed all of it and are trying to find the right engine. The table was from Big thanks to him, not ...
How To: Framing Frame(2 Man, Any Difficulty) Stealth
by Darrien Game Fox
This is a detailed guide on how to complete Framing Frame in full stealth on any difficulty(primarily Death Wish) with only a 2-man group. Inside you'll find tips, tricks, and a walkthrough to assist you in each day. Special Thanks to Guthixflare7 ...
A Comprehensive Stealth Guide for The Big Bank
by Temjin
This guide thoroughly covers the daunting task of sneaking through The Big Bank heist. It details everything relevant to sneaking through the mission from start to finish--even without teammates or money--and aims to provide a helpful flowchart of the mis...
[JP/EN] サイト比較 Sights competition (Gage mod included)
by Dotoo
各サイトの比較画像です。その他の説明はあえて一切記述しません。 画像は全てSafe houseにてマウスを動かさずに撮影しています。 This guide shows ingame images of each sights. Nothing more, nothing less. ...
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