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Full Stealth Build (No plan B option, UPDATE)
by [ACPL] Maximus
This guide shows recommended skills for stealth, when plan B is not an option....
Gage Historical Pack Acheivements Guide.
by Freaklobo
A quick guide to show off easy ways to unlock the new acheivements!...
GlassCannon (Shotgun Death)
by Masterkev
This is OP (Overpowered). If you want a pure GLASS CANNON build - this is where it's at. This is a Overkill-Certified (Easilly) and Deathwish-Certified (Carefully) build. In Overkill, you can run around and kill enemies with ease. Deathwish however - Pl...
PayDay2 Как не стоит в это играть.
by Commissar
Это руководство объяснит начинающим (и не очень начинающим) почему же их кикают из всех игр, почему они проваливают миссии и что же им нужно ...
"I got it! I got it!" Easy method
Can't seem to get this achievement due to bad timing or whatsoever? Here's a failproof method that will work for the worst of the worst players! ...
"Let's do th..." achievement guide
by Zoidberghiny
This is guide about how to do the "Let's do th..." achievement. It's achievement about doing the Ukranian job in <35 seconds. You can skip the reading and go for video guide....
How to loud suit
by stallon
Ever wondered how to suit? Well im here to tell you how...
Ачивки - Hotline Miami / Hoxton breakout [RUS]
by Chakki
Всем привет. Ачивим по 2 дополнениям сразу. Великолепные DLC, которые я (хоть и поздно) захотел расписать....
How to NOT suck at Hoxton Breakout (OVK)
by eDman
So, I have finished this map on OVK more than 50 times and most times I just wanted to cry in the corner. Why? Because unknown players. Security doors which didn't helped at all, open armory meanwhile you got 4 ammo bags, 5 times system reboot because no ...
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