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PAYDAY 2: The Numbers (as of patch12 will no longer be updated. check comments for more information)
by Faildozer
This is an overview of what the different skills do with numbers and percentages straight from the game files so fire up those spreadsheets!...
Big Oil - Step by Step (noobfriendly)
by cpt.chaos
So, many people are trying to solve the Big Oil Heist, and failed to find the right Engine. We want to help you out with a Step by Step Introduction. This Introduction is based on the Overkill difficulty, so you may not consider all Points on lower Diff...
[RU] Payday 2: Цифры *с #11 обновляется только на сайте из вступления*
by .brofist
В данном руководстве вы узнаете более подробно о всех навыках и оружии в цифрах и процентах....
The Secret
by =[T$CElite]= Ahajir
Here we will try to uncover The Secret together. I will post what my conclusions are and will combine them with your comments in order to try and figure this out together....
Payday 2 Mask Guide [Complete, Updated]
by CoooookiE
A comprehensive guide showcasing available Masks. Every mask, up to the Armoured Transport DLC...
FULL Achievement Guide
by Kryzoid
This comprehensive guide will give you the resources and knowledge needed to unlock every achievement in Payday 2. It covers everything from putting on your mask to reaching level 100....
Gage Mod Courier Pack Guide (with all locations!)
by #OperationHobo - Hobo Junior
This is a basic guide about how the Gage Mod Courier Pack #1 works, how to collect the packages and unlock its contents, and how to get all of the achievements connected to this DLC package. This DLC package costs $5 and has been released on April the ...
Big Oil - How To Get The Right Engine (Step By Step).
by =[T$CElite]= DamyCasualty
Hi there guys as we saw many players don't know how to get the right engine yet, so i made this step by step guide to help you out to get the right engine and also get the achievement Dr. Fantastic ....
PAYDAY 2: The Etiquette
by Colon Left-Parentheses
Please take a few minutes to educate yourself on how to be a true gentleman when pulling heists....
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