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In-depth Silenced Killer Build Guide (Death Wish Viable)
by Sirian
An in-depth look at a Death Wish viable build for those who love silencers and silenced weapons....
Помощь и ознакомление с Payday2
The Bomb:Forest Heist\Death Wish (Ru)
by onlyfock
Прохождение миссии The Bomb:Forest Heist на сложности Death Wish (Достижение "A Pine in the Ass")...
Breaking Dead: Pray to RNGsus for Luck.
by A Flying Brick
And I thought Tabula Rasa was a pain in the butt........
The Bomb DLC: The Forest
by eingapmoc aM ne srisialP ed euQ
A guide for the Forest heist. Everything you need to know, from pre-planning, to Death wish (DW) tips to achievements....
How to make Fat Stacks of cash:PAYDAY2
by [M-G]Epic Chihuahuas
Simple I tell you the best way to make money in this game....
My Top 10 PAYDAY 2 Best mods
by SadRock
This guide will show you the best payday 2 mods (of course in my opinion)...
heisting 101. most of the things you should know
by gameplayer4885
Due to the common sales, free weekends and rise in popularity, payday 2 has gotten many new people to play it. Unfortunately, the tutorial in this game is pretty bad. Thus, I have made this guide! This guide should cover all the basics and necessary me...
Стэлс режим и что для этого надо?
by Imxateb
Всем привет! В этом руководстве Вас ждёт описание билда под стелс режим, а точнее наиболее полезные варианты раскачки для скорейшего прохо...
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