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How To : Rats
by TheDelshady
"We know the Mendozas are on the run. Seems they are making a last hit on us to retaliate. Our meth lab is under attack, save the meth and save the cooks. You know how to treat the enemy. Do so." —Hector contacting the crew for the mission. Rats is ...
The Führer Build
by Fuhrer ✠
Did you ever want to be the furious leader of your team ? The one who inspires the team and gives them the true spirit ? With this build you will be ze one and only Führer for your team. The leader who supports his crew and brings glorious victory....
How To : Builds
by TheDelshady
PAYDAY 2 added a more complex skill system, allowing players to add diversity and specializations, both on weapons and roles. In order to perform well under different situations, the crew must adapt themselves to fulfill each map objective. The skills ...
No Armor? No Problem.
by SAI
This guide explains how to play an effective Dodge build with No Armor and High Survivability while dishing out tons of damage to the enemy team....
How To : Big Bank (Benevolent Bank Heist)
by TheDelshady
Hello everybody, this is a guide to accomplish Big Bank....
How To : Hoxton Breakout
by TheDelshady
"Your colleague is en-route to a re-trial today. This is a pretense, you will be on site, and ensure his release." —The Dentist offering the heist. Hoxton Breakout is the third heist contracted by The Dentist. It is a loud heist which involves break...
How To : Nightclub
by TheDelshady
"His club will be full of people. Get past them to his safe. He should keep that close to himself, if he dies, he dies. If he leaves, he's a lucky shit. Get the money and get out. Let them know Vlad started the party. Go men and get me what I want. The ni...
CS:GO Weapon Skins (Goonmod)
by Senpai
Here's on how to make your guns look like the skins from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. NOTE: MUST HAVE GOONMOD DOWNLOADED! This guide will not work without it. Download Link: I will be constantly adding mor...
Crook Technician Support Build (Armor + Dodge)
by Mr. Bumblefoot
First of all, sorry about my bad english and any mistakes. This is the new build I made. I wanted to have a Tech skill build which has full support to the team, then came up with this. The build has Inspire, which means you can revive teammates from di...
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