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Side Job Weapon Mod Index
by Cheesesteak
This guide lists every single weapon mod in the game along with the optimum methods of acquiring each one....
God Among Men Build [OP Grinder FugiMind]
by Manish
Do you struggle playing Deathwish Loud, but want to earn your DW Mask rather than being carried by friends and cheaters? This build will help you attain infamy and breeze through any Deathwish heist. ...
Перк "Нападающий" / "Grinder".
by Sky-Wise-Guy
Подробный гайд о том, что это за зверь, для чего нужен, как работает и с чем его едят....
Big Oil (Stealth guide)
by Skorpnok
This guide was created to help new and old players to complete big oil the stealth way. Please read the things you should know section before reading the rest. This guide is purely for stealth!...
Farming Four Stores in PAYDAY 2
by TheLittleNationalist
The Four Stores heist in PAYDAY 2 offers easy money and XP for begginer players. It is very easy to stealth and can be done by just about anyone. If stealthed on Overkill, it can easily bring in 600,000 in offshore money and 140,000 spending cash as well ...
Grinder with AS VAL builds
by Amixtra
A few builds I've been enjoying with the new Grinder perk deck that came out with the Sokol character pack. There's a pretty heavy focus on the Valkryia assault rifle as well. I'll touch on that later though....
How to find the correct engine for Big Oil
by Megadog14
How to find the correct engine on Big Oil day 2....
Basic Skills You Need \ PODSTAWY: Skill Menu
by [ACPL] Jon [PD2 Tutor]
ENG : Short guide about basic skill setups and the skill tree menu - things new player should use and know about. PL : Krótki poradnik o menu umiejętności oraz wymaganych skillach. Obowiązkowa lektura dla nowicjuszy. ...
Revive Build
by ede007
With this build you can revive anyone in almost any situation when they are downed....
Flamethower Grinder (or How I Learned to be Like my Hero Chef Excellence)
by Eric Foxtail
This guide is all about the new Grinder perk deck, flames, and why you'll never need health packs again. Requires Sokol Character Pack and The Butcher's BBQ Pack....
Better bots mod
I am not the creator, I just laid there events (since last to his promise to remove) Credits: Schmuddel - Coding Spruebox - Additional code and tweaking...
psycho build (grinder build)
by gasmaskman
(just as a start sorry about the spelling) well this build is based around the grinder perk deck and the best way to put it to use. this is a death wish viable build if you know how to use it you must be at least level 95 and have level 3 imfamy in techn...
Ачивки - Golden Grin Casino [RUS]
by Chakki
Michael Bay Build
by An Icy Cold Bottle of Vodka
If you want to go around lobbing explosions everywhere you go,this guide is for you....
Как стать толковым хостом в Payday 2
by Cpt. Flamingo
Consejos de sigilo para novatos
by B_Lior
Estas harto de que te hechen de partidas por hacer saltar la alarma? No sabes como funciona el sigilo en Payday 2? Esta es tu guía, con estos sencillos consejos evitaras serguir siendo el lastre del equipo para convertirte en una parte activa y util...
Build: Commando: Special Operations
A build I made today. I combined the very best out of my loud ictv build, my stealth build for stealth heists and created a monster on dw. It is fun, it hits hard, it is a beast. Silent but deadly. Try it and let me know how many heists you did w...
[Stealth Guide] Golden Grin Casino [Video]
by DWORD _xFunc = CShell + 0x838F0;
Golden Grin Casino Stealth Guide These are my videos from Stealth-Golden Grin Casino-Guide, enjoy. (This thread get an update later. including german videos) ...
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