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How to make your own mask IRL
by A Flying Brick
I make my own masks, quickly and cheaply. So I thought I'd post a guide here so people can make their own. Fun fact: everything you need can be obtained in prison....
Mosconi & Judge: The Annihilator Build [Death Wish Certified]
by wat (Deathwish Loud Soloing)
In this guide, we'll be bringing you the Ultimate Damage Dealing and High Survivability build tailored for Slayers to conduct Massive Decimation and Wreck Havoc upon Law Enforcers. ...
Changing VO commands (Pocohud)
by Diesel™ Ey Ey-Twelve
Ever wanted to scare your ICTV friends by playing the Cloaker rape whistle via PocoHUD's Pocorose? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place! Here I'll show you how to replace certain voice commands with various sound files within the game...
Car Shop DW Solo Stealth (with pictures!)
by ninja crouton
A lot of people seem to have trouble with this heist. I don't. I'm making this because I am sick of typing the same thing over and over, and would rather just link to this in the forums. Learn to do it by yourself and make all your friends jealous....
Overgrill BBQ Pack Achievement Guide
by RailGuN
This guide serves to help people who are struggling with the new achievement included with BBQ Pack. For those who also wants the mask, check here as well....
The Silent Killer [Fugitive Ghost]
by Yoshino
This guide will allow you to sprint around the entire map like a madman with one of the most selfish and point intensive builds possible....
by California Joll
Cansado das músicas do menu do Payday 2 ? Preparamos para vcs uma lista com varias trilhas sonoras de filmes, series, games e animes, para tornar seu jogo ainda mais divertido. Are you tired of the Payday 2 menu musics? We prepared a list for you w...
Чем заняться в Ночном клубе пока ждете дрели\машину
by MoronDark
Как вы знаете,ночной клуб чертовски скучен,когда все сделано,а дрели будут еще долго работать переодически ломаясь,а затем еще и машину жда...
PAYDAY 2 All Achievements BBQ Pack
by LuckyEgar
В этом руководстве будут представлены способы быстрого получения всех ачивок из нового BBQ Pack'а. Приятного просмотра ;)...
Builds and Loadouts
by Dalthaegra
A full guide explaining all of my personal builds, why and how I use them, what weapons pair best with them based on my experience, and suggested builds for said weapons. Keep in mind this is based on both my own experiences, opinions, and play styles....
[Skill Suggestion] The Commando Skill Tree
by V3n0m
In this Guide, i want to Introduce you to a new Skill Tree i made myself. Its called "The Commando". The Commando is a specialist in Surveillance, Combat and Survival Situations....
페이데이 스킬 한글 번역 (v1.5)
by Dever
페이데이 스킬 한글 번역 v1.5...
A "Golden" guide to: Shadow Raid
by GoldenDragon_
A in depth guide to my favorite heist in the game! Features how to solo it, how to beat all achievements and even how to open that pesky vault all by yourself! All routes, spawn locations, guard patterns, safe bag spots, tips and tricks. This guide may...
[Payday 2] I Have No Idea What I'm Doing (Achievement Guide) {Video & Text}
by iBenParry
What You Need "In the Shadow Raid job, complete the heist in stealth while having the Vulcan Minigun and HRL-7 Rocket Launcher equipped." So, if you didn't get already, you're going to need two things, the Vulcan Minigun and the HRL-7 R...
Skill Tree Suggestion:The Specialist
by MLH PanZhalos
Hey guys!I come here with an idea for an Skill Tree! This is not official,and it's not comming in next updates of PayDay 2. And this is not a guide,just a suggestion.Share and like it!Thank you. :)...
[Hoxton Revenge] How to stealth !
by [] Prinny
How to create the perfect situation to do it ! DW only !...
how 2 rob bnak
by Frolt709
gud guide...
Super Sentry Sideshow
by Andromeda
A Competative Mini Game Involving Sentry Guns - For When Heisters Just Wanna Have Fun...
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