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Forblaze May 5 @ 7:16pm
Welcome and Summary of Subforums
So first, let me welcome you all to the PAYDAY 2 Community Hub. This thread will serve as a summary of the individual subforums and what they're for.

Main Menu (you are here)

Main Menu is the default subforum, and posting privileges are limited to developers and moderators. This is where we'll be posting news, important information, and useful forum resources. Please subscribe if you want to be kept up to date on both the game and the forum.

General Discussions

General Discussions is for everything that doesn't belong in any other forum, and that's pretty much it. Get help with skill builds, discuss new content, and things of that nature.

Suggestions and Feedback

This is a place for posting feedback about the game, as well as ways to improve it. "Shotguns OP," new heist ideas, requests for rocket launchers, and so on.

Crews & Clans

Previously known as Bain's List, this is a place for you to find people to play with, find a clan to join, or advertise your own clan.


This is for discussion about the PS3 and Xbox versions of the game, and things unique to them.

Safe House Lounge

This is an off topic forum for things unrelated to Payday. Forum games, compare what you had for breakfast, or whatever. No politics, religion, or global issues.

Bug Reporting

This is for reporting problems with the game. Everything from technical issues to in game glitches to spelling mistakes.


This is for advertising your mods, requesting new ones, and discussing modding in general.


This is a forum provided by Valve for you to trade in. Must be able to be done through steam (no paypal or amazon gift cards), and one party must be trading something related to Payday 2.
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