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Ћ Abomination Jones May 5, 2014 @ 7:17pm
Summary of what's going on with Discussions
Batten down the hatches, it's a new discussions overhaul reversion kind of deal that we felt was long overdue. Several subforums were deader than the bank manager you killed for the keycard, and there was a fair few ill-placed threads that we'd have to redirect more often than not. So, it's time for a change. You voted for Bob and this is what happened! Well, that and there was a few things glaringly wrong with Discusions as is, and so we come to this point. Things needed a change.

Almost every current subforum has been changed, repurposed, and respecced and kicked in the face by a Cloaker for a better, more streamlined experience (we hope). We're also going to include a summary of these new shiny sparkly subforums, then elaborate on what posts belong where. Along the same vein we're also going to do our best to push out the Moderator policy on how we generally handle things, but this may be included in the Rules sticky. Other such fantastic features of this update include;

- Actually winning the lottery IRL
- Going into space
- Increasing your gaming prowess to staggering levels
- The chance to caress Almir's beard as he winks at you.

There's not much to be said here that can't or won't already be included in the other Stickies we're going to push out, so please do check these out, they're incredibly important for you and to help the new system work smoothly. Hopefully you all appreciate this because we feel it's for everyone's sanity. Especially mine.

For those less reading inclined, the short version is as follows:

Discussions overhaul.