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Tessio McTess Jun 19, 2014 @ 9:42pm
The New Player Starter Thread!
If you're new to PAYDAY 2, welcome! This is a thread specifically for *you*! Beneath me are some great starter guides for you to get started in DC in your quest to strike it rich!

But firstly, feel free to join the Official Group here to unlock some cool stuff in-game! We're 650,000 strong now and showing no signs of slowing down! :

And now, the Guides:

Of course, these aren't the only guides here. Please do go and check out the many many Guides created by the gracious community right here on the Steam Hub!

If you need to hook up with other aspiring crooks, you can use the "Crews & Clans" Sub-Forum to meet up with other potential criminals for hire!

There's also a few Steam Groups out there who will gladly assist you on anything related to PAYDAY 2 as well! :

Now here is a link to an excellent Wiki for detailed info on anything related to PAYDAY 2 :

We hope you'll have a fantastic time with PAYDAY 2 and don't be afraid to ask around the Discussion board for any inquiries you might have! Most importantly, have fun!
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