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OVERKILL_Almir  [developer] Jul 14, 2014 @ 4:53am
Regarding Cheaters

We're aware that there are people who cheat in PAYDAY 2.

We don't approve of cheats in PAYDAY 2. We're working on a better tool and a better way to handle cheaters. We're considering VAC among other solutions.

If you find a cheater, e-mail us at and we'll look into it. At the very least, said person can be kicked from the community. In scenarios where a cheater "griefs" we work with Valve to handle them. This process takes time however.

We have a policy of "no naming and shaming" on these forums. If you think someone is cheating, better e-mail us privately than creating a thread where you "name and shame" said individual. We'll continue to delete threads like these if we see them.


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