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Forblaze 24 aug, 2013 @ 4:43pm
Payday 2 Discussions Code of Conduct - 2/11/14
This thread encompasses the biggest problems we have been seeing and will serve as something of a framework that we would like all future discussions to consider.

First and foremost: be polite, to everyone! Even if they disagree with you.

Rage posting is NOT allowed. Please be constructive, maintain a level head, and respond to criticism in a reasonable manner.

NO naming and shaming. Posts about hacks/cheats do not belong here. Please refer to this thread for instructions on how to report them. Threads calling out a single player/group of players are also not allowed. This also applies to people you feel have unjustly kicked you.

While it may be tempting to call out a fellow forum goer that you feel is a cheater, please do not do so. If it is not directly relevant to the subject being discussed, then please report them using the steps provided here. If it is relevant to the thread, then please report them using the forum's report button[] AS WELL AS the instructions in the aforementioned thread.

You can review the steam rules here. I would also recommend reviewing this guide here

This cannot be stressed enough. Please report inappropriate content.
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