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Vectortron Feb 3 @ 7:28pm
An issue with the cloakers warning audio
I play regularly with some friends and we do a good job of marking targets like Cloakers and Dozers and calling them out over skype, but one of us has a different issue. He has diminished hearing and some mild tinnitus from previous military service and either can't hear the warning sound of an impending cloaker, or can't differentiate if its his ringing ears or the game. Is there a chance the audio could be reworked slightly for the hearing impaired?
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Solaire of Astora Feb 3 @ 8:06pm 
Inb4 someone interprets this as "whining" and tells you off.

I think a simple fix to this is add an option to turn it into something else, like radio static or whatever else could be used.
SynC[+]™ Feb 3 @ 8:47pm 
Hopefully overkill is aware of this issue and maybe replace the sound with a more audible one...
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