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Un!ted2o [GER] Jan 31 @ 2:07am
VOTE: Cloakers Yey or Ney.

To stop all this Cloaker posts where people saying things like:
"Everybody knows they are OP."
"Most of us hate them"
"They are too hard"
... ... ... threads.

I want to show / give all of us a little summarized feedback if Cloakers need to be rebalanced or not and how many people think they are too hard (or not).
This is no thread to "shame" anybody. Just a feedback vote.

Lets start a simple voting to get an overview of at least all steam forum users.

Please do not write huge posts.
Lets Keep this simple as possible.

Don't blame and shame each other.
JUST VOTE! and tell your opinion.

Are Cloakers OK like they are AT THE MOMENT? Or too overpowered?

yes = they are okay.
no = something has to be changed // they are too hard.

YES: 258
NO: 090

YES: ~67.72 %
NO: ~23.62 %
NOT CLEAR: ~8.66 %

Short personal notice:
I don't want to be rude - but please don't add me to friends list,
only because I created this thread and you voted.
I do not accept friend-requests from (for me) totally unkown players.
If you want to add me - let me know the reason for your request AFTER your vote + opinon.

Thank you & Regards
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Un!ted2o [GER] Jan 31 @ 2:07am 
xanderh Jan 31 @ 2:08am 
I like them as they are. Maybe slight health nerf, but otherwise I don't want them changed.
White Mage ~{_> Jan 31 @ 2:09am 
(Emphatic) Yes.
Lone Wolf Jan 31 @ 2:10am 
i dont have a prob with them...they are damn cloackers they should be powerfull and feared enemy...but the sound they make should be different or something...bain should warn us that they send some in like in PDTH
Chains Jan 31 @ 2:11am 
The white noise gets a little annoying if they are camping close to you, but other than that they are fine.
Hikaroman Jan 31 @ 2:11am 
Un!ted2o [GER] Jan 31 @ 2:11am 
Please guys - yes or no at the beginning of your post... to make it easier for me to count.
Please don't post unclear answers where I have to figure out your vote...

metal2hedgehog Jan 31 @ 2:11am 
I just encountered one. Didn't see a problem with them. It's a nice relieve over the dozen shield / tazer units.
Ryuu Jan 31 @ 2:13am 
Yes they make the game somewhat more challenging however I think they need to turn down the amount of cops that spawn.
Mutiny Jan 31 @ 2:14am 
Tenmar Jan 31 @ 2:14am 
Given how hard overkill fights can actually be I think something does need to change involving cloakers to give players a better chance. Wish I had an idea myself but I'd have to think more about it. I mean once you get like triple cloakers on the map and it DOES happen cause I got blitzed by three at once and they didn't give a ♥♥♥♥. How do you really come back from that?

Warning does sound like a nice idea but in terms of reaction time with the speed there is no way you can turn around and kill the cloaker before you are knocked down.

Honestly I think if the devs can make it happen one potential solution would to make it if the attack comes from behind you are downed. If it comes from the front you lose armor and half HP. At least you get some honest shot at killing em and then recovering.

I mean it's either that or lower the ♥♥♥♥♥torm that happens during the fights.
Hovis Jan 31 @ 2:15am 
They made the game hard. Abloo bloo bloo.

I actually like them. Though I did nearly cack myself the first time one bounced me. The game needed something to make it less comfy.
Tenndex Jan 31 @ 2:16am 
Yes. Spooks are fine as they are.
FreqB Jan 31 @ 2:17am 
all of my yes
Baosas Jan 31 @ 2:17am 
Yes. It's good to see the Cloakers come around, game feels quite a bit more complete with them, and they add more variables to the engagements.

I hate the audio cue though (lololoLolOLOLOLOL), hopefully we'll have something less alarming.
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