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fappin the narb Jan 23 @ 4:40pm
so why cant i get my pay day 2 to update it just sits there at 0 mb/s, i tried to force restart and it started updating for litteraly one second and then stopped again. any fixes for this?
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TheSpocker Jan 23 @ 4:41pm 
it goes in chunks, give it time.
Law Jan 23 @ 4:41pm 
It unpacks as it downloads, I don't know how Overkill package the updates but it apparently isn't very efficient. It'll download, then stop and unpack, then download some more.
fappin the narb Jan 23 @ 4:52pm 
alright ty for the help
Icebound Jan 23 @ 4:54pm 
Having the same problem, I'm wondering if it would be faster just to download the entire game again or just let it attempt to patch.
fappin the narb Jan 23 @ 5:27pm 
i thought the same thing but my steam crashed when i tried to delete it
Me Jan 23 @ 5:29pm 
Hmm, Make sure the harddrive you have installed it to isnt full.
fappin the narb Jan 23 @ 5:35pm 
i have 80 gigs of extra space to play with on my current HD
Me Jan 23 @ 6:31pm 
Damn, Ok try hitting play on it in either the store or your libary and it should bring up that other little updating window and leave that up for a bit. That someimes works, if not Verify integrity of the game files.
Right Click Payday 2 in your game library
Click on Properties
Go to the Local Files tab
Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache
Then wait while it checks, it can sometimes take a few mins.
fappin the narb Jan 24 @ 6:47am 
i just let it run over night. the update just takes forever beacuse it does indeed unpack while it downloads.
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