Cliffhanger Productions  [개발자] 2013년 7월 23일 오전 8시 53분
Event! Ruin Rumble!
Way too much scum is crawling around in Bovilia’s ruins again, and they are organizing themselves. We managed to intercept some enemy transmissions regarding a convoy transporting weapons and other resources for the rebels’ camps. Weapons that might be worth having a look at!
You wouldn’t mind checking it out and redecorating the area with some nice rebel-guts for the upcoming tourism season and for some nice loot, right?

Start: 25. July 2013 – 01:01am CEST / 6pm CDT
End: 26. July 2013 – 00:59am CEST / 05:59pm CDT
Requirements: level 50

Win Conditions:
- Reach Warzone Bovilia rank 1 with your alliance.
- Be one of the best 3 merc-companies and not part of the winning alliance.
- Take part, score more than 500 points and be one of the 5 lucky raffle winners that will be drawn randomly by our raffle-bunny.

Unique Item that is not available in the game
Legendary or Epic items
As a special gift, all rewards for this event can be transferred to a different player of your choice
And of course, some Crafting items, Diplomatic Passports, Cash

More details are to be announced.

Good luck and May the best loot drop for you!
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Pingu 2013년 7월 26일 오전 2시 30분 
Our Alliance won :) Does only Asia get something or do all the people who were online and helped some points get something too (winning conditions:"- Reach Warzone Bovilia rank 1 with your alliance"")? Also does Asia get extra stuff for his individual win? I think he deserved that....
Pingu님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 7월 26일 오전 2시 34분
T⋱R⋱⋰'A♫P !łłŁćĆć⋱ 2013년 7월 28일 오전 9시 32분 
????? how to play steam version it cant load from two weeks (see known issues)
Grauherz 2013년 7월 29일 오전 12시 22분 
Play fast, save time! lft님이 먼저 게시:
????? how to play steam version it cant load from two weeks (see known issues)

Very suitable thread for your post !!
Cliffhanger Productions  [개발자] 2013년 7월 31일 오전 6시 37분 
The Results are in!!! Congratulations to all the winners!!

Thank you all for your participating - it was another great Event!

More to be coming soon! :D
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