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Hey guys,

For a better overview and structure, we would like to use this thread for all kinds of JAO-related suggestions you might have.
Please consider to keep your feedback and suggestions constructive.
We will check the forum on a daily basis, take your suggestions and put them in our internal Improvements and Suggestion tool where the individual items will get prioritized.

Now, I am curious for your suggestions! :)

Here is a listed overview of suggestions already submitted:
  • Option to play CO-OP
    - pvp lobby
    - PvP-Warzone
    - a open combatzone map / Match Mode for PvP
    - Improve the Alliance system (gain points needed to unlock items in shop / to craft / enhance skills)
  • A black market auction house
  • Optimize friend-finder / tool to add friends
  • Hotkeys for
    - stand, crouch, ready weapon, swap primary / secondary weapon, look
    - "I" for opening and closing the inventory
    - cancel current movement
  • Separate in-game sounds from SFX and music
    - Individual volume options
    - Options to turn them off
  • The ability to combine ammo stacks
  • Possibility to reset your company / account
    - Option to create your own merc, not based on fixed archetypes
  • Double click a merc to move him/her to the mission selection / pvp (move an item into storage)
  • Option to buy additional storage
  • Option to reorganize the mercs in the HQ merc overview / line-up
  • Option to move items / consumable from merc A to B within a mission / match
  • Bigger pvp maps and more variety
  • Remove turn time limit
  • Increase honor level from 50 to 100
  • add more stats to mouseover (to see how good your chances for crit, disrupt etc are with the current merc gear are)
  • Add a qualifying value for noise level
  • Implement grenades, rocks, mines, explosives and knives
  • Add destructible covers
  • Expand the upgrade system to upgrade low levels up to the end game
  • Remove / adjust hospital
  • Permanent Hireable merc s in-game and per DLC
  • Indicator on how many enemy mercs are left
  • Mini map
    - Inc. Indication on the direction of seen/spotted enemies
  • Tooltip as to how to use Medkits
  • Visual display of min and max ranges for weapons
  • Item-popup when comparing items (drops / shop vs. equipped)
  • Delete unnecessary chat channels
  • Option to ignore users
  • Option to make the chat bigger
  • Rotate cam
  • Contract time of hired mercs only runns when online
  • More PvE content / higher level cap
  • Higher Warzone rewards.
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    Skyshroudace Jun 20, 2013 @ 5:34am 
    Hello Cliffhanger Productions,
    There are two things I would like to see added/changed in this game. First, I would love to see some sort of qualifying value for noise level. Silence weapons make less, but no where is this actually stated and the noise made with running/walking is shown with a circle but its often hard to figure out how stealthy you are actually being until its too late. If weapons could have a value for "noise level" as well as characters it might make it easier to decide what setups to go if you want to play sneaky. Second, I would love to see a slight rebalance of weapon types. If each weapon had a niche and was forced more rigorously into it, it would make secondary weapons more needed and give each weapon a more defining role.
    Thank you!
    wk37781 Jun 20, 2013 @ 5:50am 
    Hi ,I love the game by the way, awesome game !! but an idea i had was expanding the upgrade system. Right now the way the system is we buy a weapon upgrade it then throw it away. It would be cool to have the option of continue upgrading the weapon. Even low level weapons could be upgraded enough to be used at higher levels.The first upgrade would stay the same by adding new parts like the scope etc., but the upgrades after that would increase the dmg. acc. and maybe the stats like interuption, critical hit bonuses.Also on machine guns, further upgrades would give the character more ap , just enough for a double bust shot.By lowering the ammo clip size per extra ap point would I think offset the movement and reloading, making it less likely to be overused and unballance the gameplay. thank you.
    Marxman |LMC| Jun 20, 2013 @ 6:36am 
    One thing this game needs is destructible cover.I hate the concept of people hiding from my heavy MG behind some crates. Destructible cover would add an extra layer of depth in figuring out where to put your mercs, and it would be a lot of fun IMO. Plus Jagged Alliance has had destructible environments...why not this one?
    General M-13 Jun 20, 2013 @ 7:07am 
    I see you made the Sticky i suggested hehe :) good work Cliffhanger

    My suggestion:

    - The Ability to combine ammo stacks so you can turn a 20/200 and 173/200 into 1 193/200 pile for example.
    - Permanent Hireable merc (In-game Unlocks)
    - Permanent Hireable merc (DLC)
    - Seperate options to turn off Audio and Music
    - Sliders for Audio and Music
    - Some kind of indicator which tells you how many badguys you still need to kill (when applicable)
    - Some kind of indication to the direction of seen/spotted enemies (or something like a radar/minimap)
    - Some kind of CO-OP
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    wk37781 Jun 20, 2013 @ 9:33am 
    Hello my friends it is I ...again
    lol kidd'n , I love this game and have so many idea's for exspansion.One idea i had was a open combatzone map.The objection is to control zones. Each side would have their own AI soilders in the sectors they control gaurding post and pretty much anywhere in general . So you would have AI troops to fight and also other players to fight.But Only players can capture the opposing sides flag for that sector making it now controlled by the captors side. How it would work would be each person and alliance would choose a faction,If a player joins a faction from the other side he then changes sides .Players would earn money per kill,giving even those who have compleated the campaine always something new to do. Maps would be kind of large but not high in detail, open green or dirt would be nice with many cover points,and a few tree's and shrubs.A bunker at each flagg point.Maybe a few buildings for players to hide in and shoot from the windows.Some AI 's troops will attack bunkers but will not be able to capture the sectors, maybe a total of say 50 troops all over the map for each side.AI's would still drop tinymedkits , tinny medkits will not heal that much but will restore a bit a hp enough for a player to continue ,but players that want more healing kits will have to buy from shop.also ammo would be a common drop.Once a person is killed they would return to their base or world map.MOVEMENT :... Each side will have 2 min. to make their move then it switches.Now that 2 min. is for their whole side making them pretty much one team.Players are only able to bring in 2 mercs per player, to prevent over crowdedness. yes this combatzone is ment to last forever if need be,but will end when all flags from one side are lost.Winning side is rewarded with 100.000.High rewards will give incentive to play as often as possible. players will also have the option to leave the zone at anytime. The tracking system for you guys to know who is who and what , would be, once a player joins a faction he/she is given a number and keeps that number until he/she leaves the faction that their in.
    Pingu Jun 20, 2013 @ 10:49am 
    Please make it that the team starting is random... it is random now.. but it is always the team playing at the south / south east! Please make it really random! So we get more dynamics.
    Rhenthyl Jun 20, 2013 @ 12:57pm 
    For me a seperate option for music, sfx and voice is essential. I'm usually watching netflix at the same time as i'm gaming. So would like to turn off the music without losing all the sound
    Sudilos Jun 20, 2013 @ 1:11pm 
    I suggest you make it so I can log into the game or refund my purchase of the starter pack. ???
    Rhenthyl Jun 20, 2013 @ 2:27pm 
    I bought the shadow starter pack, so i'd like to be able to buy the Ivan pack for a discounted price. Since i've already bought the SP campaign and all it includes, i'd basically be buying a character and cash injection of 150k. Would be nice to buy it for say £5-10
    TurnSpender Jun 20, 2013 @ 3:04pm 
    Some of them were stated in the past, but anyways...

    1. Hotkeys for readying weapons and looking.

    2. New Warzone rules other than a grinding contest.
    (i.e. Players are allowed to take the missions in limited times, and rankings are decided in quality of best results, such as scores/times/etc...)

    3. Higher Warzone rewards. Currently, we have much easier way to get those epic equipments.

    4. Implementing Match Mode for PvP.

    5. More rewards for losing side of PvP, so not-so-confident players could also participate.
    Xebov Jun 20, 2013 @ 5:21pm 
    Some things i would like to see:

    • add buttons for stand, crouch, ready weapon and look at direction next to the merc picture so you dont need to cycle through the orders
    • add in a visual so you can see the min and max ranges for weapons on the map (maybe as cyrcles?) so it gets easier to move your mercs into positions to cover ways etc
    • add in total statts so you can see how good your chances for crit, disrupt etc are with the current merc gear to get a better picture (as far as i see the statts patch doesnt count in the gear)
    • change warzones, currently palyers can play it again and again and get the points added up so the palyer who played it most will win, it should be changesd so taht only the best run you made counts and warzone data should be resettet after the warzone gots closed so everytime the best players win, not the ones who played it most
    • add in a surrender option for pvp so players who know they will loose can leave the game and still get rewards (would also be nice for laggy situations to finish the game without loosing rewards)
    wk37781 Jun 21, 2013 @ 5:19am 
    A black market auction house so we can trade items between players
    Rhenthyl Jun 21, 2013 @ 6:51am 
    Originally posted by wk37781:
    A black market auction house so we can trade items between players

    oh gods no not that, havent we learnt anything from diablo 3??
    Sakriel Jun 21, 2013 @ 7:28am 
    Well i will write my suggestion in german cause its easier.

    Ideen/Überlegungen zum Endgame-Content.
    -Es sollte die Möglichkeit geben Mercs Permament einzustellen -> Überlegungen dazu-> Macht es so das jemand der die Reputation auf lvl 50 ereicht lvl 1-3 Mercs permament anheuern kann. Dadurch würden die Leute auch wieder gezwungen sein zu lvln, neu zu equippen. -> Das bringt mehr spielstunden ein und eventuell euch mehr Geld.
    - Bitte erhöht die Ehrentitel von jetzt x/50 auf besser x/100 oder mehr. Die leute hätten dann wenn sie lvl 50 ereichen eine grössere motivation es zu lvln, spieln. Gleichzeitig solltet ihr pvp-equip einbinden das zumindest gleichwertig dem der Legendarys aus wave/hydra ist, so das Free-to-play Spieler gleiche chancen haben.

    -Dann das Obligatorische;
    - Bitte last uns Munitionspacken kombinieren so das man sie zusammen legen kann.
    - Ein Feature ingame so das wir Munition/Medipacks/Ausrüstung ganz allgemein zwischen den characktern verteilen können ohne das wir uns im Auswahlbildschirm befinden müssen.
    -Viele Spieler beklagten sich, dass es kein feature gibt den Sound seperat auszustellen von den Soundeffekten.
    Marxman |LMC| Jun 21, 2013 @ 10:24am 
    I have a suggestion for an additional piece of armor/gear that I think would benefit the game.

    How about adding a slot to your mercs loadout for footwear? You could have different types of boots and sneakers and things that give bonuses to stability and movement. For instance, you could have something like Heavy Combat Boots that give a bonus % to hit when not moving and a negative penalty on running; or Tennis shoes that give you a % bonus to not being interrupted while running. Different footwear would have different pros and cons and different sound generation. Heavy boots would cause more noise and light footwear makes the user more silent. Just some thoughts
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