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Rejak Dec 3, 2013 @ 5:37am
New DLC merc, Echo
I'm such a JA2 addict I keep trying to force myself to try to like this game, even though some very poor decisions by the developers, like maps that are exactly the same every blessed time you play through them, have left me feeling pretty down on it. I keep saying it's got potential, and all it takes is the devs to do some pretty simple development on the game, and it'll be golden.

So I downloaded Echo. $ buck. What could go wrong? Well, for starters she comes with nothing but a level 3 Enfield and a box of 9mm ammo. Not even any unique armor or headgear. No big deal, I have plenty of spare crap. Right? So what else could go wrong? Well, she's a dead mute apparrently. She has no voice acting, at all. She's silent even when she gets shot. I thought she'd spice up my roster since I'm pretty tired of the voices of mercs I have access to at this stage of the game. Turns out I find the silence off putting enough I doubt I'll even be using her.

So what did I pay for? And what did the devs do for their money? As far as I can tell, all they had to do was come up with a new skin for the default female model and a new portrait (which doesn't match the rest by the way), and make an entry into their merc database table. A couple hours of an artists time and maybe a couple more hours for a "dev" to work out the database entry for her.

I don't get it. She's supposedly the niece of Flo... Flo is not in this game, is she? Since they literally copy-pasted the voice acting from JA2 into JAO, why didn't they use Flo's voice acting? What am I missing? And speaking of that, I think greed is going to kill this game. I'm not a game developer, but I am a developer and it doesn't seem to me that the people who made JAO invested very much effort into it. They used a third party game engine, they copy-pasted all the voice acting from Jagged Alliance 2, the only music they provide is one crappy stock track that loops endlessly, the maps are crudely done with static spawns that know how to do nothing but advance and attack on detection (AI? What AI?), they skipped loads of stuff that the almost 15 year old Jagged Alliance had, and so on.

And yet they want to charge $30 for it. And $4 for "DLC" that took a couple people a couple hours to make. I can't help but think if they'd provided a complete game for free, instead of a demo that tries to extort people into buying the campaign, and then sold extras (like Echo, but with audio and unique equipment, and like extra bonus maps), that they wouldn't be alienating so many potential customers. Oh, and one other thing: it'd be super cool if they actually implemented some of the things people have been clamoring for in this forum. Things like the ability to start from scratch if you feel like you hosed up your campaign, or just want to go a different route. I've been playing computer games for 30 years now and I've never even heard of a game, online or off, that won't let you create a new character or start a new game. Which is a good thing because I can't even remember the last time I played the first character/game I started all the way to the end. There's always been something I wanted to do different, once I figured stuff out.

And for the love of God, give the mobs some rudimentary patrolling behavior, if nothing else. This "stand there until activated" is so 1980s, and it just doesn't work at all on tactical combat maps that require being replayed dozens or hundreds of times.

End rant. Please add audio to Echo. She is currently unusable in my roster.
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fredingue Dec 3, 2013 @ 10:12am 
Agree with all above.

I got the game from Day 1, bought both dlcs because i did not knew 1 was just enough :p

Just bought the new merc, "just in case i have the envy to play this game again"

= Waiting for months for improvments that will make the game interesting...and interest people playing multi

Moeover, why i stopped playing was the absolute negation from the developpers that their game was a money pump. They allways claimed that you could earn enough gold from missions to get high gear...big joke !

So, i connect allmost each day for 10 seconds to get the bonus, got 4 permanent mercs level 25-27 with Shadow, 360.000 dollars savings as i did not buy anything for months...and wait for this game to seduce me...if it ever happens.
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fredingue Dec 8, 2013 @ 6:37am 
Another strange feeling about the smartness of the developpers : they know much player have made a initial class choice they regret. No way to reset it. And what did they do ?

DLC 1 : Gunner
DLC 2 : Commando
Raven bonus char : Sniper
Echo Dlc : Sniper

My initial char, my avatar is a gunner. How many DLC will it take to be able to make a team composed with 4 different permanent mercs ? Give us Rifflemen !
wk37781 Dec 12, 2013 @ 9:39pm 
The new char. dlc is a good idea, but Im afraid that it's to late to be affective. First of all they should of released new content along with it, because not many people play anymore.. I myself just check the forum once and awile to see if there is anything new,and if there was new content along with this merc I would consider buying, but my point is, the new char is a great marketing tool but it has to be utilized when the product is at it's best performance, meaning they should of released it a few months after the game was released on steam. They also should of kept on releasing new maps to keep thier customers playing and happy and waiting for what was in store next, If they released echo then , then they would of seen a enormous return. but they had not released any new content, or fixed any of the bugs in close to 7 or 8 months and in result the game has lost .. my guess atleast about 70% of thier original player base. How can they get people back playing with just a new char, but no new map to play with it on ? It wont happen.. The only way to recover from this, is for them to release a major addition to game, and along with this addition I would suggest making randomly generated maps.They must make the game replayable.. and THEN they could start randomly releasing new mercs here and there. I do wish they would consider some of the suggestions we make and act on them, if they would just analyze this marketing approach they would see that it's solid. It will be like a relaunch for the game, and a second chance to have this game as a great product with customers for months, maybe years to come.
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Rejak Dec 13, 2013 @ 7:39pm 
I agree, too late. And I'm a new player. Or, a former new player. They show me as being number 70 or so on the PvP ladder. With 2 wins. I've only played, I think, 3 matches. How does somebody with only 2 wins even make it into the top 100 in a game that the developers claim is intended to be primarily PvP oriented, after it's been out more than 6 months? I also came in 4th on the one warzone I was allowed to try. I only ran through it twice. And it was my first attempt with free-to-play gimp characters that were barely high enough level to attempt it.

There's virtually nobody playing thsi game. My personal opinion as somebody who just got into it a couple weeks ago is that the biggest mistake they made was not including the complete basic game for free. Giving people a demo that maxes out at level 15 content and then telling them they can compete with pay-to-win players in PvP is fail. There are also a multitude of design decisions they made the wrong call on, but all those little things are irrelevant because even if they fixed them all to make fans of the old series such as myself happy, it wouldn't solve the main problem, which is their obvious greed and the deceptive claims they've made about viability of free to play accounts.
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